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Mid century lamp: eye-catchers with bravura

Mid century modern lamps: no-nonsense with guts

Sofa, table, cabinet, rug, art. They each receive a great deal of attention when furnishing our home. Logical, because we want to be cozy. What is only ignored en masse is the enlightenment. Shame! Often underestimated and oh so decisive for the atmosphere. Now you can look for it in the corner of 'normal' lamps, but have you ever thought of a mid century lamp? Spherical hanging lamps, floor lamps with a dark shade and gold accents, and table lamps in all shapes, sizes and materials. First class statement makers, second hand finds.

At Whoppah we have an attractive range of bright spots. Browse our online marketplace for mid century modern lamps. There is a good chance that you will fall for even more curated, second-hand design pieces in addition to a vintage lamp. Something with a forewarned person counts for two. And, will a mid century light come on for you soon?

Mid century lamp: piece by piece jewelry

As mentioned, thinking about lighting is often at the bottom of the priority list. Because atmosphere is mainly created with furniture, not by lighting that has a practical function, isn't it? Lamps are superb atmosphere creators. And not to put the 'normal' lamp in a bad light, don't get us wrong, but that aviator definitely goes for the mid century lamp. They are timeless, modest and yet they manage to attract attention in any interior. Practical yet atmospheric.

To give you an idea: think of one of the most famous and iconic mid century modern lamps, the Louis Poulsen PH5 hanging lamp. Danish design that is functional and stylish. Or take the spherical Italian Artemide Arcadia, which is just such a typical mid century lamp and has been shining in many a living room for decades. Characteristic of mid century modern lamps are the organic shapes, which play frivolously with the light in the room. Mid century hanging lamp here, handsome table lamp for a sideboard, side table or desk there. Provides sufficient light (read: practical) and at the same time it is an eye-catcher that can be seen.

Whoppah and mid century lamps

Just like any mid century piece of furniture, the mid century lamp can easily be mixed with other interior styles because of its timeless, neutral look. Scroll through our range of second-hand mid century modern lamps and you will see that we have them in all shapes, colors and from a variety of designers. Thanks to design enthusiasts, antique shops and (inter)national furniture dealers who give their vintage design a new owner. Special items of high quality, promised. The Whoppah team carefully curates every second-hand (furniture) piece. Long story short: looking for a lamp with guts that will last a lifetime? You know where to find mid century modern lighting, W to the oppah!