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Folding Chairs

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Folding chairs

Folding chairs are furniture that everyone should have in their home. It is always handy to have a few extra folding chairs within reach. If the number of visitors is larger than expected, you will never be short of chairs. These chairs are multifunctional and can be used at home, in the garden or on holiday at the campsite.

Buying a folding chair

When you want to buy a folding chair, you quickly think of an ordinary garden chair. But make no mistake, this chair has extra features. Folding chairs can be folded up. This makes this chair ideal for space-saving storage in or around your home. Because of the popularity of folding chairs these days, there are different types of folding chairs. There are relatively large chairs, compact chairs, designer folding chairs, with or without upholstery, etc. Actually, there is something for everyone.

Design folding chair

The designer folding chair differs from the average chair in a number of ways. In both chairs, much attention is paid to the seat, quality, choice of materials, originality and, of course, an eye-catching design. It offers high functionality with excellent seating comfort. Think of a contoured seat or a contoured backrest. These chairs come in different styles and sizes, which sometimes makes the choice difficult. So sit back and think about what you like and value about a folding chair.

Vintage design folding chair

The vintage folding chair is different from other folding chairs because it has its own style! Vintage brings the style of the past into your home. Whether it's retro or influenced by other things from the past, vintage is vintage! By choosing different colours and materials that contrast nicely with the rest of your home, you can create an interior that you can change quickly thanks to this chair's folding function. These chairs are made in a modern way with a look to the past. A real eye-catcher in your home that you can combine with your industrial decor.

Wooden folding chair

For those who prefer a natural look, a country style or just love the smell of wood, the wooden folding chair is an excellent choice. Wood is a durable material that can be made in all shapes and sizes. Wood creates a homely, inviting, organic feel. Whether you choose hardwood, softwood, oak, beech or mango wood. Any well-made and well-maintained wooden folding chair will offer reliability, comfort, longevity and retain its value.

What is a good folding chair?

When choosing a folding chair, there are a number of things to consider. Aspects that can make the difference between a good folding chair and a bad one.

  • Function: Will the chair be used for eating at tables, at the desk or for a relaxing movie in the living room?
  • Comfort: If you use the folding chair a lot, the comfort of the chair is very important. Choose a finer seat, moulded footrests, armrests, comfort and quality.
  • The shape: The shape sounds very logical, of course, but don't be surprised at how many people buy a folding chair that doesn't fit the space it will be placed in. Falling in love with a folding chair is one thing, but making sure it fits your interior is another important factor that can make the difference between a successful purchase.
  • Material: The material you choose often shows exactly which style you like. For a natural look, you can choose leather, fabric or wood. Sleek design means plastic, hard materials like stainless steel, aluminium or steel.
  • Colour: Finally, we haven't talked about perhaps the most difficult factor which determines what makes a good folding chair for you. The colour should be chosen carefully and should match the rest of the room, if it is already decorated to your taste. Go for a striking shade that makes the folding chair an eye-catcher. If you want to play it safe, go for a neutral colour like white, grey-white or anthracite.