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FEST Furniture

Welcome to Fest, a Dutch sensation since 2012, transforming interiors with modern flair. Born in the Netherlands, Fest is renowned for their trendy sofas and contemporary chairs that redefine lounging. These designs blend style and comfort seamlessly, bringing personality to every living space. With an unmistakable touch of urban chic, Fest's creations resonate with the energy of modern living. Immerse yourself in the world of Fest, where each piece mirrors the brand's commitment to bold design. Elevate your interiors with Fest's exceptional furniture, where comfort meets cool effortlessly.
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Everyone runs into this dilemma from time to time, how do I decorate my home nicely? Which furniture is child-, cat- and partner-proof, for example? Or how do you still give your living room the spaciousness of a ballroom? Apple pie for Whoppah, which offers you a great range of FEST furniture. Complete your home with a colourful vase, cheerful cushion or a designer candlestick. Discover fun furniture from the FEST brand. From comfortable sofas to elegant dining chairs and from cool cabinets to funky side tables.... discover Whoppah's entire collection of the FEST brand!

Fest sofa

For those looking for a corner sofa, 2-seater sofa, 2.5-seater sofa, 3-seater sofa, 4-seater sofa, pouf or even a loveseat, Whoppah is the place to go. You will find the FEST brand at Whoppah where you will find unique and durable furniture at an attractive price. Sample the Natural Sofa, Edge pouf, Dunbar corner sofa, Bolster corner sofa, Bowie sofa or corner sofa or the Edge sofa or corner sofa.

Discover FEST sofas with their contemporary designs and high-quality materials. Choose comfort and style with FEST sofas that match your personal taste and interior.

Fest chairs

To experience a pleasant dinner at the dining room table, a nice relaxing evening of games with friends and family or to work productively and comfortably from home at the table, you need a favourite dining room chair. Whoppah offers a great option from the FEST brand! From dining chairs with armrests to vegan leather seats. For example, check out the Monday dining chair with armrest, Friday dining chair, Tube dining chair vegan leather seat, Eve dining chair Sydney Beige - 22 or the Homerun dining chair.

FEST chairs combine functionality with design, making them perfect for any dining table and enabling stylish dining.

Fest tables

Find the table for you and the family that suits your personal style and way of life at Whoppah! The 280cm Plateau dining table sand has a charming je ne sais quoi that we would all love. Round or oval, this table will make you want to dine for hours. The 240 cm Harvey dining table ash is a solid wood table where the legs provide a cool contrast to the slim veneer top. Available in ash and from bistro size to long dining table.

FEST tables are functional and beautifully designed, making them an asset to any dining room or living room.

Fest Nude dining table

The Nude dining table has a design that is immediately apparent. A table with a super-slim base which is available in two sizes and with two different tops. Whether you go for an all-black table or a fancy oak top, Nude will become the new centrepiece of your room either way. Fest Nude dining table is a minimalist and stylish piece of furniture that adds a modern touch to your interior. Discover FEST at Whoppah and give your interior a stylish upgrade!