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Glass art

Glass wall art

Glass art on the wall on high-quality glass is simply stylish, but also on the dining table a beautiful glass vase cannot be missing. The colors are beautiful and we guarantee that you will enjoy your glass art for many years. Follow our detailed instructions for carefully hanging your art print on glass and enjoy a new focal point in your living room, kitchen or anywhere in your home.

At Whoppah you can browse our wide range of art on glass and choose from over 10 different colors and styles of glass art. Whether you are looking for a nature print on glass, a glass print with a travel theme, a kitchen print on glass of an Italian meal or spices or any other theme that comes to mind; at Whoppah you are sure to find the the glass art pictures you are looking for. The New York skyline on glass, floral prints on glass and much more. Enjoy browsing through our wide selection and don't hesitate to ask our customer service team for help. We are here to help you and will always do our best to combine style, quality and great price with excellent customer service.

Glass Art Vases

We offer a diverse collection of glass art. Various bowls and vases come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Each piece is hand-blown and unique. Each glass vase is unique in shape and color. They are perfect as gifts for family and friends or for yourself. So buy your used glass vase or bowl at Whoppah now!

Glass lamps

Are you looking for great interior design ideas for your home decor, and do you love unique decoration? Then a visit to Whoppah's showroom should not be missed in your search for glass lamps. With special decorations, fair prices and a wide selection, we try to distinguish ourselves from other interior stores and garden centers and help you on your way to create your dream interior, both indoors and outdoors. With a wide selection of glass objects for indoors such as glass table lamps, sculptures, sea glass art stained glass and other glass decorations you are guaranteed to complete your interior style. All glass lamps we offer are also very attractively priced.

Glass art

The possibilities with glass are endless. For example, you can cut, sprinkle, melt, deform or polish it. Choose the right shape, combine it with other materials or possibly paint it. We offer various glass decoration such as animal statues, people, flowers and fruits. But you can also come to us for vases, bowls and lamps in original shapes and colors. You can visit our showroom to see the entire collection of glass lamps. For example, a glass lamp can be beautifully combined with one of our bronze sculptures or with one of our modern paintings. You can place a glass lamp in a classic interior, but also in an exclusive modern interior.

What is glass art?

Generally, glass art is the collective term for all individual works of art that are mostly or entirely made of glass.

How does glass art work?

Hot glass art uses molten glass with a temperature of about 2000° degrees. This hot viscous glass can be used for glass blowing, sculpting and casting into molds. Workpieces such as glass sculptures, hand-blown bowls, vases, cups and ornaments are usually made with hot glass from a furnace. A glass blower can then be used to blow the glass into the desired shape, creating beautiful works of glass art.

Buy glass art?

The cost of glass art varies greatly by type. At Whoppah, you'll find glass art starting from €50 to €1000 per object. This depends on several factors. Such as the brand whose glass art is and the glass used and the technique applied to the artwork.