Office desks

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Office desk - Save up to 80% by buying second-hand

Years ago, say half of Dutch households had a desk in their home. Working from home has boosted the need for an office space at home, as has how we view this piece of furniture. At first, the bulk didn't much care what it looked like (with exceptions). Nowadays, things are very different. We no longer tuck desks away in a corner of the house. They are allowed to be there, to be seen. Especially when it comes to desks, functional is a must and stylish is a big plus.

Design desks: good for body, good for ambiance

Look, using the dining table as a desk is fine for once. Or two. Only if working from home is the new norm, the back and neck won't be happy about typing at the kitchen table every day. In need of a desk, preferably one that manages to combine the practical with the aesthetic? Meet designer desks. They know how to bring together the useful with the pleasant. They do it well. From vintage Dutch design classics by Pastoe and Gispen to modern design desks by Vitra.

Second-hand design desks

Important when choosing which second-hand design desk is the place where the piece of furniture may be placed. In the living room, a slimmer, no-holds-barred design desk might be more desirable, rather than a heavy, dark wooden model. Whereas that heavyweight might look stunning upstairs in the study. And to avoid dinner table scenes, there is also the office chair. The Eames design office chair is a good one, for example. Most important is that design desk plus desk chair are a match in terms of style and height.

Vintage desks

Vintage desks are old pieces of furniture with a nostalgic charm. They are often made of wood and are known for their timeless beauty and functional design. These stylish pieces of furniture add a touch of history to any interior and are loved by lovers of unique and characterful furniture. Our range of vintage desks is full of beautiful vintage design desks. Take a look at this page and lose yourself in the hundreds on offer.

Whoppah x design desks

With a title like that, it almost seems like we designed a dot of design desks ourselves. Hah, nice idea for later. For now, we like to stick to our premium second-hand selection of design desks (and more, much more). The selection on Whoppah is carefully curated and of good quality. Still, it remains a piece of furniture with history, so here and there are bound to be signs of use, but again, doesn't that have its charm? Oh, and don't worry about getting the 'new' second-hand design desk home. Our courier travels far and wide, so that's settled. Got a design desk at home that deserves a spot on our marketplace? Just a matter of creating an ad, getting our approval and selling. Piece of cake.