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Buy Linteloo coffee table - 70% cheaper than the Linteloo brand

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After a long day, there is nothing better than plopping down on the sofa with a drink and a snack on the coffee table. On the other hand, there is nothing more annoying than living in a home where the furniture does not meet your wishes. It makes you tired and irritated and your functioning suffers. Time for another coffee table! But when you look on the internet, the prices and terms fly around you. In addition, there is the choice to opt for a new coffee table or a second-hand coffee table from, for example, the Linteloo brand.

Online shopping is hipper than hip, and we like to make use of that. Do you also love online shopping, but do you want to save a little on it? You can do that at Whoppah, because second-hand coffee tables such as the Linteloo coffee tables can save up to 70% compared to buying a new Linteloo coffee table.

Shocked by the ridiculously high prices for a coffee table or sideboard that run into thousands of euros? No reason to panic: there are plenty of options to buy fantastic furniture for attractive prices. Think of the second-hand platform Whoppah!

Design Linteloo coffee table

Second-hand is really not always worn out or used to wear: sometimes you can also find brand new products via second-hand sales sites. How good does it feel when you can score a product in good condition many tens of euros less than the original price? At Whoppah you can now search very precisely for a product, which also makes it very simple!

Linteloo coffee tables

With a coffee table you always have a snack and drink within reach. Whoppah also offers coffee tables from the Linteloo brand such as;

Linteloo Heath coffee table

The Linteloo Heath coffee table is part of the Linteloo Heath series, designed by Yabu Pushelberg. The oval-shaped marble top rests on it wooden legs in olive green, gray or cream white. The Heath coffee table is available in two different sizes, small and a larger version. In addition, the sheet available in four different types of marble.

Linteloo Manhatten coffee table

One of Linteloo's most special tables. Supplied in birch plywood with a top layer of 5mm solid oak. The Linteloo Manhattan consists of a combination of birch plywood and oak veneer. A work of art based on Piet Mondrian and Russian constructivism that's what Manhattan does best describes.

**Other famous coffee tables from Linteloo are; Linteloo Log coffee table Linteloo Iwa coffee and side table Linteloo Clamp coffee and side table Linteloo Miles coffee side table Linteloo Bimu coffee table Linteloo Terrace coffee table/side table Linteloo Lowtide coffee table