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JORI sofa

Second hand JORI benches

Are you also getting tired of the sofa in your living room after all these years? The seating comfort decreases or becomes boring, the colors have faded, it no longer matches the rest of your interior. The JORI sofa offers the solution here, where you can find a suitable new stylish sofa with optimal seating comfort for every room. Due to the many seating elements, you can configure the sofa to your taste, with an arm or backrest or loose footstool possible. Whether it should be fabric or leather, with or without legs, high seats or low to the floor. Come and have a look at Whoppah and save up to 70% on your next sofa from JORI.

JORI sofa

JORI is famous for its extensive collection of sofas with high quality and soft seating comfort. JORI stands for Juan JORIon who wanted to achieve the ultimate seating comfort for you in 1963 with a clear mission. JORI presents absolute love for the profession of making sofas in which the highest quality materials are used. Sustainable quality and sustainability are in their genes. Hedendaags , JORI is the global player in the field of timeless seating comfort. A player who swears allegiance to uncompromising craftsmanship.

Second hand JORI benches

For those who do not want to pull out the wallet completely, but are still looking for a beautiful, high-quality piece of furniture for the room, go for second-hand. At Whoppah you can easily earn up to 70% money by going for second-hand. Sofas sofas are of such quality and timeless in shape that, even after many years, the sofa still serves perfectly in your interior. So come and shop at Whoppah.

JORI leather sofa

The JORI sofa, which is provided with leather, has many advantages; • They are comfortable. • The benches are easy to maintain. • You don't have to put them in. • The leather molds to your seating comfort. • Leather has the property to stay cool longer. • No itchy feeling. • Timeless • Tough look • Leather wears less quickly than fabric

JORI couch Tigra

Do you like to combine when buying a sofa? The JORI Tigra bench makes it possible. The countless elements and the timeless design allow you to create a high-quality custom sofa combination for your space in the house. It is an elegant sofa with a light base that pampers your body in a comfortable way. Thanks to a sharp eye for detail and finish, the sofa becomes pure and creates harmony. Can be fitted with headrests and adjustable armrests, which makes both sitting and lying comfortable. Whether you want a normal 2-seater sofa, corner unit or chaise lounge, JORI Tigra makes it possible.

What should I pay attention to when purchasing a JORI sofa?

A sofa determines the atmosphere in the room, it creates comfort and style. Its large size often makes it the most prominent piece of furniture in the home. The size of the living room determines the size of the sofa. A generous corner sofa fits perfectly in a spacious living room, while a 2.5-seater sofa comes into its own in a smaller interior.

Do not only look at the size of the sofa and the size of the room, but also at the correct ratio between the two. In a spacious living room, a compact sofa is often dwarfed, while a large corner sofa in a small living space often looks crowded.

Choose the right place and sight lines for your sofa. Are you often found in front of the TV? Do you like to enjoy the garden from the couch? Or would you rather crawl to the fireplace? These living requirements determine the sightlines in your interior. Based on these sight lines, you then determine the location of the sofa and discover which dimensions and models are or are not suitable for your interior. Do not forget the doors and walking routes in the living area when determining the right place for the new sofa. Do not place the sofa too close to the door so that you have enough space around the sofa to open the garden doors and walk outside.

Also choose the number of seats carefully. Look at the living space and the number of residents in the house. In addition, consider whether the sofa will be the only piece of furniture in the living room, or whether you will combine it with an armchair.

What does a JORI sofa cost?

JORI sofas are available in many variants and styles, including Whoppah. The costs therefore depend on a number of aspects such as; • The substance • The filling • The size • Handrails present or not • The number of elements • With chaise longue or not • Quality • Extra options The cheap range starts around 500 euros, with the more luxurious and larger variants costing from 1000 euros.