Second hand Jori chairs

## Jori chair Perla

For those looking for a chair, buying the Jori chair leads to even more seating comfort. There is something for everyone, and there is always a chair that suits your living requirements and interior. Whoppah gives you the opportunity to get a seat up to 70% cheaper. From luxurious chairs to leather variants, a bucket seat, modern style, white or black. The choice is huge!

Jori chair Perla

If you like Italian quality, go for the Jori chair Perla! Designed by Pocci+Dondoli, made by craftsmen in Belgium. Chairs that offer optimal seating comfort and contain pure lines. Whether you want a low or high backrest, without armrests or with open or closed armrests, it's all possible. The legs and armrest are available in lacquered, glossy, furnished chrome or oak variants. The Jori perla chair exudes beauty, harmony and freedom. There is continuous research into materials and processes that yield the best result in terms of price-quality. This includes aluminum, plastic and other noble and antique materials such as leather and fur.

Second hand Jori chairs

Jori chairs are also available second-hand, where your personal seating comfort and enrichment of the interior are central. Choose from many different models, fabrics and leather types. Second-hand is also made of very high-quality materials that offer you years of pleasure and optimal seating comfort.

Repair Jori chair

Chairs are used and therefore require the necessary maintenance and repair. Dirt particles, crumbs, sand or other dirt can damage your furniture. Therefore, thoroughly clean your furniture once every two weeks to once a week with the vacuum cleaner (on the lowest setting), sucking with the nap using a blunt attachment. On the other hand, a soft cloth with the right cleaning agent is also an excellent solution. Follow the maintenance instructions for each type of fabric of the Jori chair. If you really want to take a drastic approach, you can consider reupholstering. If an armrest is broken or the frame is damaged, make sure that it is overhauled by a recognized and skilled furniture repairer, so that you can enjoy the chair with optimum seating comfort for years to come.

Jori Oscarini

Our Jori Oscarini chair was conceived by the famous designers Pocci+Dondoli from Italy. It is a chair with graceful shapes and an Italian appearance, which is made with craftsmanship in Belgium. The chair has slender legs, a sprung backrest and a steel base which has the epoxy color black or bronze.

What should I pay attention to when purchasing a Jori chair?

The fun and challenging thing about finding a chair is that everyone sits and experiences a chair differently. The Jori chair can therefore be equipped with numerous functions that will enhance your personal sitting experience. Pay attention to the space you have in front of the chair. Choose a chair that matches your interior. Go for a Jori chair that suits your body. There is a choice of many different fabrics and materials, which one suits you depends on what you like and also how you live. Do you want maintenance-friendly furniture that is easy to clean and does not leave stains if the kids make a mess of it or do you love the industrial look? Jori seating furniture is made of very high-quality materials that will provide you with years of seating pleasure.

What does a jori chair cost?

The Jori chair also offers style for yourself and your home in terms of seating comfort. The costs depend on the size of the chair, its age and the materials it is made of. Think of costs ranging from just over a hundred euros to more than a thousand euros.