Joe Colombo

Step into the world of Joe Colombo, the Italian design maestro who shaped the future. In 1930s Italy, Joe Colombo began crafting furniture that defied convention. His iconic creations, the Elda Lounge Chair and Spider Floor Lamp, remain timeless classics. Colombo's unique vision blended innovation and comfort, seamlessly melding art and utility. Experience the revolutionary spirit of Italian design, where function and style harmonize effortlessly. Elevate your living spaces with Joe Colombo's pioneering designs, where the past meets the future in perfect harmony. Join the legacy of Joe Colombo and embrace the avant-garde with furniture that transcends generations.
Joe Colombo

Joe Colombo

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Introducing Joe Colombo

Joe Colombo was a prolific Italian industrial product designer known for his innovative and futuristic approach to design. He often worked with plastic and other unconventional materials to create ergonomic and modern products that appealed to the mass market. He had a major influence on the Italian design world, and his work included furniture, lighting, electronics and many other product designs.

Joe Colombo Trolley

One well-known piece of Joe Colombo furniture that you will find at Whoppah is the Joe Colombo Trolley. It is a trolley that is unique and has made history in the furniture world. The piece of furniture was launched in 1970 and awarded first prize at SMAU in 1971. It is made of plastic and created by injection molding. It is also equipped with convenient storage compartments and drawers that provide a simple but very practical solution for tidying up your belongings. Equipped with polypropylene casters make the furniture mobile. The furniture is often seen in business environments such as a hair salon, in a workshop to store tools or a home that loves this furniture style. There are different types such as the B-Line BOBY B32, B-Line BOBY B13 or B-Line BOBY B23. These pieces of furniture are becoming collector items, making them increasingly hard to come by, with furniture in new condition almost impossible to find. Whoppah, on the other hand, offers this furniture as pre-owned, at part of the new price with quality being paramount.

Joe Colombo chairs

For those who are looking for a chair or armchair and want to get their hands on a unique piece of furniture, you should take a look at Whoppah's second-hand Joe Colombo chairs. One example is the 1963 famous Space Age design classic namely the "Elda chair," which owes its name to its wife. The chair has a fully self-supporting rotating fiberglass frame. A piece of furniture with great comfort thanks to 7 supportive cushions, the rotating base and generous proportions. The Elda Chair can also be found, for example, in a movie like the James Bond film "The spy who loved me" in 1977. Also, many celebrities have been photographed in this chair. Because only 30 pieces of it are produced annually, the furniture is a valuable item. Whoppah offers you the chance to get this furniture at a 70% cheaper price than a similar new furniture, making it a very attractive option.

The Kartell armchair by Joe Colombo pays homage to the 4801 Chair that Italian designer Joe Colombo designed for Kartell in 1960. The low, round chair is the first piece of seating Kartell produced in wood. On the occasion of its 60th anniversary, Kartell has reinvented the furniture, this time in plastic, exactly as Colombo originally designed it. The furniture is a much sought-after collector's item and an authentic symbol of 1960s design. This makes the chair a timeless and iconic design. Moreover, true design enthusiasts will enjoy not only the form and function, but also the character and historical value of this design.

Joe Colombo lamps

Joe Colombo was an Italian designer who was also into lamps. He produced models with unprecedented styles and functions, all of which have contemporary and sophisticated designs. Some of Joe Colombo's most recognizable lamps are the KD 27 table lamp, the Spiders table lamp, the TT series for Stilnovo, the 2207, the Coupe table lamp or the Space-Age arc lamp, all of which are known for their inverted scale and unconventional shapes. While these designs are mostly considered iconic, Colombo's lamp designs go far beyond this and are still relatively affordable. If you are looking for a lamp with a unique design that is functional and elegant at the same time, the collection of pre-owned Joe Colombo lamps found at Whoppah is a good option to consider, thanks to its competitive price and good quality.

Decorating with Joe Colombo Products: Embracing Futuristic Elegance

Joe Colombo's designs invite you to infuse your living spaces with a touch of futuristic elegance. His innovative creations, characterized by sleek lines and avant-garde concepts, seamlessly integrate into contemporary interiors. Whether it's a futuristic lamp, a space-age chair, or a modular storage solution, Joe Colombo's designs serve as captivating focal points in your decor. Embrace his vision of the future by pairing his iconic products with complementary modern furnishings, clean lines, and bold color palettes. These futuristic elements not only illuminate your space but also inspire conversations and admiration. With Joe Colombo's designs, you can transform your interiors into dynamic, forward-looking environments that bridge the gap between art and functionality.