At Whoppah you will find a wide range of pre-owned design lamps. There are beautiful designer lamps made from brands such as Flos, Artemide and Louis Poulsen that you can buy in excellent second-hand condition. This also applies to vintage lamps in classic or Space Age style, such as the Sputnik lamp or a Vetri lamp made from Murano glass. The pre-owned range on Whoppah varies from well-known design classics such as the Pipistrello and the Oluce Atollo to modern lamps from Tom Dixon and Modular. Get inspired and choose the model that best suits your interior.
The right lamp for the right atmosphere
Lighting is extremely important in any interior. Not only because it can determine the atmosphere in a room, but it can completely change the look and feel by choosing the type of lamp, the style and the type of lighting. From serene and relaxed to luxury and glamour. Lamps are there to capture the style of your interior. A chandelier made of Murano glass naturally gives a different effect than a white ceiling lamp and a vintage table lamp spreads a different light than a standing modern design lamp. It is good to think about the effect you want to achieve and the style you want to create.
This way you make your room seem bigger with lighting
Did you know that with the right lighting you can make a room look even bigger? We give you 3 tips about choosing the right lamp to create an even more spacious effect in your interior.
Spread the light! The number 1 trick: make sure that all lamps are well spread throughout the room. A single light source on the ceiling in the center of the room, no matter how large the pendant lamp, never creates a spatial effect, but only shines central to the floor. Therefore, buy several types of lamps that you can spread throughout the room. Use floor lamps in the corners, pendant lamps to create central light around the floor and wall lamps or table lamps for optimal distribution. With multiple lamps you can also check the atmosphere levels.
Use long pendant lights. By making optimal use of the vertical space, you can make a room appear larger. Especially if your room is limited in terms of square meters, but it does have a high ceiling. In this case pendant lamps would be your best friend. Use long thin pendant lights (or several of different lengths) so that you can move the eye up and down. This way you emphasize the height of a room and it will optically appear larger.
Use a mirror. This is perhaps the oldest and best known trick. Place a lamp in front of a mirror so that the light reflects. You can also hang the mirror opposite a window or even two opposite each other for an ultimate spatial effect.