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Step into the world of B&B Italia, where affordable luxury reigns supreme. Established in 1966 in Italy, B&B Italia introduces you to a realm of opulent second-hand furniture. Explore their handpicked selection of sofas and dining sets, meticulously curated to redefine your living spaces. What sets B&B Italia apart is their innate ability to blend unique pieces with discerning buyers, adding a touch of unmatched elegance to every home. Embark on a journey with B&B Italia today and discover how they redefine sophistication in the world of pre-loved furnishings. Elevate your living with B&B Italia's distinctive touch.
B&B Italia

Second hand B&B Italia sofa

B&B Italia couch Charles

A B&B Italia sofa is a luxurious piece of furniture made for every living room. It is covered with a high-quality fabric and has a sleek, modern design. The B&B Italia sofa is made from the best materials and is handmade to perfection.

It is made of top quality materials and it has a modern design that makes any living room look more elegant. The sofa can be adapted to any living space and comes in different sizes, so you will find the perfect sofa for your home.

B&B Italia couch Charles

If you want an icon of a sofa in the living room, go for the B&B Italia sofa Charles, which makes it rich and innovative thanks to its light design and appearance. With cast aluminum legs in the shape of an inverted “L”, together with a sleek armrest, some seat cushions and a free back cushion in the same line, the sofa forms an icon for your space. Two or three-seater sofa to a chaise longue, to a corner sofa. The large selection of elements meets every interior where personal needs to comfort are realized.

Second hand B&B Italia sofa

The second-hand B&B Italian sofa is a piece of furniture that is not only a good buy, but also an investment in decorating your room. This piece of furniture has been in the family for years and is passed down from generation to generation. The sofa is made of quality materials that are sure to last for many years. Second-hand sofas can save 70% on your next investment compared to a new sofa.

B&B Italia Tufty Time bank

The most successful sofa of B&B Italia is the Tufty Time sofa. A bed with the option to be transformed into a bed. It answers your questions in terms of modularity, comfort and removable upholstery. It consists of a footstool, which is then enriched with middle, corner and end elements, which are equipped with a low or high armrest. Go for a traditional sofa with chaise longue, corner sofa or end elements. Make the living room a meeting place, a welcoming retreat where people can relax for a while.

B&B Italia Camaleonda couch

The Camaleonda sofa is a modern and comfortable iconic piece of furniture. It has a simple design, with soft upholstery and two armrests. The sofa consists of a 90x90 cm seat module, a backrest and a comfortable armrest. The Camaleonda has been completely redesigned to give you an even more comfortable experience, with sustainability at the forefront. The seats, backrests and armrests consist of wooden panels, with the filling made of polyurethane in different density and hardness levels, with different shaped layers interlocking to create a comfortable springy effect. The sofa has unlimited modularity and a geometric character, creating your ideal living environment. Thanks to the tie rods and rings, the modules can be detached and recombined at will, allowing the sofa to adapt to changing tastes and the dynamic needs of yours.

Le Bambole B&B Italia

The Le Bambole B&B Italia is a design conceived in 1972, which today still appears as unique in its shape and quality, perfected and made. The natural shape, extremely high degree of comfort, softness and elasticity make the sofa so special.

What should I pay attention to when purchasing a B&B Italian sofa?

A B&B Italia sofa can actually not be a bad buy. The benches are made to serve for years in everyone's household. The only thing you need to take into account is the size of the sofa, the style and of course which armrests should be on the sofa in order to select the perfect sofa for your home.

What does a B&B Italia bank cost?

The costs of a B&B Italia sofa depend entirely on your wish list. The sofa can be found in various sizes. Whether it is a double, triple or chaise longue. The price is often determined on this basis, in addition, of course, the age and the material used are also a co-determining factor in the costs of the sofa.