Have you always wanted a beautiful design sofa? Buy it preowned! So many beautiful sofas have already been made, that buying new is certainly not necessary to find your dream sofa. On the contrary. At Whoppah you will find an extensive range of preowned vintage sofas. From modern sofas from Leolux, Gelderland and Rolf Benz to vintage classics from the 1970s by Mario Bellini, de Sede or Ligne Roset. All shapes and styles are offered. Go spacious with a modular sofa, a corner sofa or a 5-seater sofa. Or go elegant with two 2-seater sofas or a luxurious chaise longue. What is your preference? A sleek leather two-seater sofa, a comfortable chesterfield or do you prefer a trendy green velvet lounge sofa?
At Whoppah you will always find high quality, because our team carefully curates the second-hand offer. And don't forget: you can always have your new couch delivered to your home easily with the Whoppah courier.

Find your dream sofa!

A sofa is one of the most important investments you make in your interior. The sofa is the central piece of furniture in the living room. You should be able to lounge, read, eat and drink, entertain family and friends, watch TV and even sleep on it, so it makes sense to take the time to find the right sofa. We have therefore drawn up 3 tips for you for purchasing a second-hand sofa.
Go for quality and durable materials.
Always look at the manufacturer and brand of the sofa. A beautiful design sofa often lasts for decades because it has invested in the use of high-quality materials. That means the best quality leather, suede or wool. Not only does a beautiful design sofa last for years, but the design is often timeless.
Look on the inside.
Remember, what's inside a sofa is just as important as what's used on the outside. When it comes to the sofa's back and seat, filled cushions are very comfortable, but don't forget to shake them up and have them refilled every now and then. Foam or fiber fillings can also lose shape over time and distort the sofa. A combination of feathers and foam is often ideal. Back cushions filled with feathers and seat cushions filled with foam or fiber work well.
Always measure up.
There really is nothing worse than buying furniture that doesn't fit in your home. The sofa must be able to pass through the window or door. Take out the tape measure and make sure you are sure of the maximum sofa size that fits the space. Also check the dimensions of doors and stairs through which the sofa has to pass on delivery. Think of those beautiful, undamaged walls! If access is limited, you may have to choose a low back sofa or a modular sofa that can enter in sections. You may have seen your dream sofa, but you also have to be practical. So don't be mistaken.
Want to sell your sofa? Modern or vintage!
Do you have a beautiful modern design sofa or perhaps a classic vintage sofa in good condition at home? Are you considering buying a new sofa? Then simply sell your sofa on Whoppah. Download the app and quickly create an ad and start selling.