Designer couches

Designer sofas

The sofa set

A sofa set can be a huge addition to your interior. Not only does it offer comfort and convenience for relaxing after a long day at work, but it can also serve as a stylish and practical solution for furnishing your living room. We have a very large and diverse range of sofas at Whoppah.

The corner sofa

A corner sofa is a popular choice for those who like to have some extra space to relax or receive guests. This type of sofa can be oblong or L-shaped and often provides enough seating for several people. Corner sofas can come with various features such as adjustable headrests, fold-out beds and storage areas making them not only practical but also functional.

The modular sofa

Modular sofas, on the other hand, consist of different parts that can be put together to create the perfect configuration for your specific needs. This flexibility makes this type of sofa ideal for people who want to change their living room regularly without the need for major changes to their furniture layout.

Sofas for all seasons

During the colder months, we all naturally stay indoors, but those few months a year when it is possible to sit outside we also make the most of it. Our range of garden furniture is then just as large as our 'indoor furniture' and includes garden chairs, garden benches and entire garden sets.


When we look at second-hand designer sofas, we can quickly think of brands such as Rolf Benz. This brand offers stylish and high-quality sofas that perfectly match any type of interior. And because they are second-hand, you can find these sofa sets at a fraction of their original price without compromising their quality or style.

An added advantage of buying a second-hand sofa is that you get the chance to find a unique piece. If you are lucky, you might be able to score a rare design that is no longer produced, giving your living room even more character.

Moreover, buying a second-hand sofa set is also environmentally friendly. By choosing reused furniture, you help reduce waste and contribute to sustainable consumption.