Sell 3 times faster with good photos

As a buyer you want to get the best possible impression of an item. That is why good photos are crucial for a quick sale. Read our tips to shoot amazing photos.

Facing the item from a distance

Capture the item from a distance at eye level capturing it fully. Do not photograph from above as it does not reflect its shape in its best form

The entire item visible

Only the cover of the item visible

Take the photo in crystal clear natural light

Add pictures with sufficient natural light and avoid overexposing or capturing your item with insufficient light. Never photograph in the direction of a window

Good lighting

Too dark

A neutral background

Capture your item against an as neutral as possible background. Do not place items in front of or on your item for sale

Use a neutral background

Avoid distracting backgrounds or colors seeking attention

The item captured fully

Do you offer a large item for sale like a sofa? Make sure to capture your item at eye level, going through your knees if low and taking distance if large to capture it fully

The item is captured fully

The item is not captured fully

Take photos of all the details and the state of the item

Add pictures of the details such as the fabric and patterns and photograph potential coloring or damages

Photo of the fabric

Photo of the wear of the item

Choose the right angle

Choose the perfect angle to capture the item fully and as respectable as possible capturing its shape

The shape of the item is visible

The shape of the item is not visible

All the details

Take photos of the item from different angles and all details such as the fabric.

Show the brand

Capture the brand label, invoice and certificate if appliccable so we can determine the authenticity