Second-hand Pastoe cabinets

Pastoe design cabinets

Second-hand Pastoe cabinets

You may want a Pastoe cabinet, but you don't know exactly what yet, Whoppah has a wide range of second-hand Pastoe cabinets. Almost every cabinet that leaves the Pastoe factory is a unique cabinet. Pastoe cabinets have the characteristics of simplicity and timelessness. Whether you seek a classic Pastoe wall addition, a versatile Pastoe bookcase, or a sleek Pastoe TV cabinet, these pieces are celebrated for their minimalist sophistication and impeccable production style. Each model has unique features and capabilities. Special cabinets, which become personal with your own taste.

Pastoe cabinets

Pastoe cabinets come in various shapes and sizes, which have been perfected over the years to become true eye-catchers in the home. The high quality and durability has made it possible to offer this furniture in decent condition as second-hand.

Pastoe sideboards

Investing in a Pastoe sideboard is a decision rooted in the pursuit of minimalist elegance, unparalleled production, and functional beauty. These sideboards embody the essence of Dutch design excellence, seamlessly blending aesthetics with practicality. Crafted with precision and premium materials, Pastoe sideboards offer not only ample storage but also serve as a striking design statement in any room. With their timeless appeal and adaptability to various interior styles, a Pastoe sideboard is an investment that not only adds functionality but also elevates the overall aesthetic of your living space, making it a true masterpiece of both form and function.

The A'dammer Pastoe storage cabinet

The A'dammer is Pastoe's well-known storage cabinet. The ribbed roller door and round top give the A'dammer a mid-century look. Suitable for storing all administration, records and games. You can also specify a few things to your own liking, such as giving a different color to the inside than the outside.

Pastoe Landscape cabinet

Another type of cabinet from Pastoe is the Landscape, which can be put together entirely according to your wishes and distinguishes itself from other furniture thanks to the alternation of closed and open components between the tops. Combine with veneers, colours, open compartments and layouts. The Landscape can be used as a TV cabinet, sideboard or storage cabinet. The system can be found hanging, standing on a plinth or on a base.

Pastoe Vision cabinet

Vision is another system with the most possibilities. The mitred closed fronts fit into the body, which gives Pastoe Vision a minimalist appearance. With separate elements you can combine Vision into a playful composition on the wall. By properly combining open and closed hulls, a playful composition is created that gives flavor to the space. The Boxes (open) are only 9mm thick and constructed with a modern and invisible click system. By combining hulls into a whole, you can put together a TV furniture or sideboard.

Cees Braakman Pastoe cupboard

Inspired by the Japanese series by Cees Braakman , Pastoe launched the Frame in 2006. A timeless sideboard in Walnut. The Frame is available in 3 variants and is suitable for any interior. The raised version of the Frame was launched in 2020. The 3rd design in the Frame line. The Frame Roger. The Frame comes in 2 different widths (180 and 270cm). By means of cable ducts, ventilation and infrared extenders, the cabinet can serve as a TV cabinet.

The L-Series cabinets from Pastoe

The Pastoe L-Series is a robust classic with hood and plinth. You can find the cabinet in seven heights and widths, with or without drawers, doors and flaps being an option. The L-Series is mainly suitable as a sideboard or storage cabinet. Where also available as an L-Maze bookcase.