Vintage coffee tables

Vintage coffee tables - Save up to 80% by choosing second hand

Vintage coffee table

A vintage coffee table adds a touch of nostalgia and character to your living room. Vintage furniture is usually considered to be items that are at least 20 to 100 years old and have a unique aesthetic influenced by the time they were made.

Why buy a vintage coffee table

One of the advantages of choosing a vintage coffee table is the durability and quality of old furniture. They are often handcrafted and made to last. Having a vintage piece in your interior gives a sense of authenticity and uniqueness, as it is not reproduced like modern furniture. Moreover, using vintage furniture contributes to sustainability, as you are reusing what already exists instead of buying new products.

What should you look out for when buying a vintage coffee table?

  • Condition: Check the overall condition of the table, such as scratches, dents, loose parts, and other damages.
  • Style and design: Choose a coffee table that suits your interior style and taste. Styles vary enormously from mid-century to retro.
  • Durability: Pay attention to the quality and construction of the furniture to ensure it will last for many years in your home.

Material coffee table

A vintage coffee table can be made of different materials, such as a stone, glass or travertine coffee table. Stone coffee tables usually have a robust and solid design, making them a striking addition to the interior. Travertine is a type of limestone often used in construction and interior design because of its attractive appearance and durability. The glass coffee table adds a modern and airy feel to any living room. Whether you choose an all-stone coffee table or a combination of glass and stone, these furniture pieces are timeless and can add a sense of sophistication and natural beauty to your living room. They are a great choice for lovers of natural materials and those looking for a statement piece that can become the focal point of the room.

Design coffee table.

A designer coffee table is a piece of furniture that is not only functional, but also makes a statement in your interior. Design coffee tables are designed with attention to aesthetics, innovation and craftsmanship, making them stand out and add value to the room. The design of a designer coffee table can range from minimalist and sleek to bold and artistic. Materials such as glass, wood, metal, plastic and marble are often used to create striking tables to suit different interior styles. Besides their striking appearance, designer coffee tables are often functional. They can have additional features, such as built-in storage, extendable elements, rotating table tops or even integrated lighting. Examples of well-known designer coffee tables are: