Cassina Chairs - 70% Cheaper at Whoppah

Cassina was founded in 1927 in Italy and has since taken the world by storm with its innovative furniture. The brand collaborates with renowned designers to create unique pieces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. One of the most important designers who have collaborated with Cassina is Le Corbusier. He designed a number of iconic chairs, including the LC2 and the LC4. Another influential designer closely associated with Cassina is Charlotte Perriand. Cassina continues to innovate and collaborate with contemporary designers such as Patricia Urquiola and Philippe Starck.

Second hand Cassina chairs

Cassina leather chair

Over generations, local Italian craftsmen have developed unique skills into Cassina's contemporary furniture. Enriching your life by creating the most beautiful objects is what Cassina is all about. Every day, the people of Cassina are committed to shaping chairs with respect and integrity. Cassina prides itself on using authentic, high-quality and sustainable materials, such as premium woods, leather, saddle leather, fabric, glass and the highest quality metals. Cassina enhances and glorifies the qualities of each material to transform them into top quality products thanks to a unique combination of craftsmanship, tradition and industrial know-how.

Buy Cassina armchair

Are your old armchairs also so moody? Ready for a new design or lifestyle? The extensive range of armchair shapes and sizes designed for a variety of uses and furnishing styles is further enhanced by refined materials and rich, bright colors used to match the signature upholstery and ultra-soft padding. Each armchair is synonymous with the company's deep-rooted artisanal mastery and offers the perfect balance between design and functionality. From voluminous, enveloping forms to compact, square proportions, Cassina's designer armchairs are a brilliant expression of knowledge, based on the principles of comfort, functionality and style.

Used Cassina chairs

For those who prefer not to open their wallet completely or who are simply a fan of vintage or retro, second-hand furniture from Cassina is an excellent option. It offers you the opportunity to buy a chair up to 70% cheaper than when you go for a new brand or product.

Cassina chair leather

The furniture maker Cassina also thinks along with the leather fanatics among us. Take an example of the following Cassina chairs; • SORIANA - designed by AFRA & TOBIA SCARPA • EXORD - by JEFFREY BERNETT • UTRECHT BABY - invented by GERRIT THOMAS RIETVELD • TOKYO DORMEUSE - CHARLOTTE PERRIAND • ANTROPUS - MARCO ZANUSO

Cassina chair Dodo

The Dodo Cassina chair is a relaxing armchair that can be transformed into a reading chair or a chaise longue, which meets everyone's contemporary needs. Ideal for the home office, living room or home cinema. Thanks to the generous filling, the chair, which is equipped with a footrest, adapts perfectly to the shape of your body. Add some fabric cushions and you have an excellent feeling of comfort. The chair is a swivel armchair and is available in both leather and fabric.

What should I pay attention to when purchasing a Cassina chair?

Buying a chair like a Cassina is something you don't do every week and requires the right decisions. For example, the chair must have the right size if it wants to fit in your space. Also make sure that the chair fits the room in the sense that the style of the chair matches your current or new interior style. Choose the location where you can sit comfortably and enjoy the chair to the fullest.

What does a Cassina chair cost?

The cost of a Cassina chair varies from just under a thousand euros to several thousand euros, depending on the size, options, age and materials the furniture is made of.