Pols Potten armchair

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Pols Potten armchair


Armchair with ears of black wild leather. † Pols Potten is a unique Dutch design label. In 1986 Erik Pol started importing terracotta pots from Spain. Pol's pots became a household name and wrist pots was born! The contemporary wrist pot studio in the Netherlands has built up a collection of spectacular and high-quality products that are inspired by a unique sense of style and timelessness. The strong roots within the Dutch design culture explain the worldwide appeal of the brand. To this day, wrist pots collaborates with Dutch designers, utilizing skilled craftsmanship and the dedication of craftsmen from all over the world. This is the basis for the outspoken wrist pot designs. Pols Potten creates memorable environments with different collections of furniture, accessories, lighting and tableware. Building on craftsmanship from all corners of the world, they are known for their idiosyncratic and personal interpretation of Dutch design. The cosmopolitan appeal of the brand makes wrist pots aware of the effects of their choices. That is why they strive to be ethical and to produce sustainably.

Brand / designer:Pols Potten

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