Explore Pols Potten, the Dutch design sensation born in 1986. Originating from the Netherlands, Pols Potten specializes in second-hand luxury furniture, offering a diverse collection of designer chairs and captivating lighting fixtures that redefine your living spaces. What truly sets Pols Potten apart is its penchant for the extraordinary. Each piece is a statement of Dutch design audacity, blending art and functionality seamlessly. Immerse yourself in the world of Pols Potten and transform your home with a touch of Dutch creativity, where every piece is a unique conversation starter. Elevate your living spaces with Pols Potten, where Dutch innovation meets artistic flair to bring bold, distinctive design into your world.
Pols Potten

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In the world of interior decoration and design, POLS POTTEN has long been a beacon of creativity and innovation. With a wide range of decorative objects, furniture and lighting, POLS POTTEN has established itself as a leading brand that embraces both the aesthetic and functional aspects of interior design.


POLSPOTTEN has become synonymous with innovative decoration that seamlessly combines art and design. From unique vases and eccentric sculptures to bold textile creations, each POLS POTTEN decorative creation tells its own story. The designs are bold, colourful and often unconventional. They are capable of transforming any space into an artistic expression of personality and taste.


POLS POTTEN is not just about decoration; the brand also has an impressive collection of furniture, including the iconic POLS POTTEN side table. These side tables are not only functional pieces of furniture, but also artistic showpieces in their own right. With bold shapes, materials and finishes, POLS POTTEN side tables add a touch of whimsy and sophistication to any space in which they are placed. They are a perfect example of the synergy between design and functionality.


Lighting plays a crucial role in creating the right atmosphere in an interior. POLSPOTTEN understands this and has created a lighting collection that is both sophisticated and stunning. POLS POTTEN's lighting designs range from striking chandeliers to contemporary table lamps with an artistic twist. Each lamp is considered a sculptural work of art that not only diffuses light but also provides visual pleasure to the beholder.


What sets POLS POTTEN apart is its ability to bridge two disparate styles: vintage and modern. The collections reflect this duality by combining traditional elements with contemporary aesthetics. The vintage influences can be seen in the artisan details and classic shapes, while the modern influences are expressed in the bold colours and avant-garde designs. This fusion of styles creates a unique and eclectic look that will appeal to lovers of both classic and contemporary design.

POLSPOTTEN has established itself as a master at creating decorative masterpieces and functional works of art that can transform the interior of any room. With a striking mix of decorative items, furniture and lighting, the brand has made a lasting impression on the world of interior design. Mixing vintage and modern styles, POLS POTTEN has created a unique niche that appeals and inspires. Whether you are looking for an eye-catcher for your living room or a statement piece for your office, POLS POTTEN offers an unparalleled collection that unites design and art in a way that is both enchanting and functional.