Fauteuil van Oiko Design Office

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Fauteuil van Oiko Design Office


Artwork recycled material fauteuil ‘AZ04’ for Oiko Design Office. This model AZ04 is newly made of used plastic and in amazingly good condition. Because it is not enough to say you are “Eco”, you have to prove it, is what Oiko Design Office says and does. They use scientific methodologies of environmental assessment (LCA) and decision making validation, in order to always guarantee the most sustainable option, toxicologically suitable and energetically more efficient at product and organizational level. The materials research is the base of Oiko’s work, articulated through 3 main lines: new materials design from waste, productive and perceptive characterization to maximize its applicability range and market performance, and the materials selection packs, sectorized to respond to the best range of options for specific needs. In normal words: They design from the basics they have to the most maximum the material offers to change into useable items… therefore not only in furnitures, because this all depends on the materials and options how to re-use them. Therefore Oiko Design Office in Barcelona Spain made a collection of 30 chairs made of recycled plastic converted into unique pieces. An unidentified mold found in a factory is the turning point of this project. The material, recycled plastic with its own meaning, and the humanized industrial process, define this object. If plastic is the industrial and synthetic material par excellence, with replicability and indifference as a basis, design can dissociate the idea of homogenisation. The material with its properties, the industrial process with its conditioning factors, and the person with their intention, govern the process, expressing themselves creatively, emotionally and physically.

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