Desk lamps

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Desk lamps

Desk lamps are lamps that are specially made for lighting a desk. Everyone has one at home. They often have a sturdy base and a flexible arm that allows the lamp to be directed in different directions. The most common types of desk lamps are energy-efficient LED lighting, fluorescent lamps and light sources with a low wattage. The lamps can be adjusted according to the need for lighting on the desk, so that there are no shadows or glare. Many desk lamps also have a dimmer to control the light. At Whoppah you will find desk lamps in various flavors and variations for an attractive price!

Buy second-hand desk lamps

There are many different places where you can buy used desk lamps. At Whoppah you will find a large selection of second-hand desk lamps at a low price. All items on Whoppah are curated by our design and art experts. Not satisfied with your purchase? Or does the item appear different than pictured? Protect your purchase for 4% of the purchase amount. Discover the Whoppah desk lamps collection quickly. You will only find the cream of the crop here, compiled by specialists.

LED desk lamps

LED desk lamps have become an increasingly important part of office and home lighting in recent years. LED desk lamps offer many advantages over lighting with incandescent or halogen lamps. They are energy efficient, have a long lifespan and provide high quality light. In addition, LED desk lamps are available in different styles and colors that can be adapted to the style of any room. LED desk lamps are also very suitable for sustainable lighting because they do not emit harmful substances.

Desk lamps design

Design desk lamps vary greatly. Many different styles, colors and materials are available. Popular styles include modern, industrial, retro, vintage, Scandinavian and minimal. There are also many different materials from which designer lamps can be made. Usually these are metal, glass, ceramic, wood, brass or plastic. Different colors are also available. Black, white, gold, brown, purple, blue, green, red and more. Design desk lamps can be used to illuminate a room, but also as a decorative element. They are often linked to a dimmer or a timer, so that you can easily adjust the lighting.

Classic desk lamps

Classic desk lamps are a popular option for office or living spaces because they have a classic look and are functional. These lamps are usually made of metal or wood, and often have a colorful, vintage style. There are several options when it comes to classic desk lamps, such as hanging lamps, standing lamps and table lamps. These lamps can be used to illuminate a room, or as a decorative element. In addition, many classic desk lamps have energy-efficient LED lighting, making them very energy efficient.

Brands of desk lamps

There are many brands for desk lamps. At Whoppah, only the best are offered. Think of brands such as;

- Artemide

- Hala

- Philips

- Massive