Peill & Putzler Table lamps

Peill & Putzler, founded in Germany in 1869, boasts a rich legacy of glass craftsmanship. This brand specializes in creating exquisite lighting fixtures and innovative glassware, setting a timeless standard for elegant illumination. What truly distinguishes Peill & Putzler is their unwavering commitment to blending artistry and functionality seamlessly, redefining the essence of lighting design. Immerse yourself in the world of Peill & Putzler, where each piece radiates both beauty and practicality, elevating any living or working space. Explore their curated selection of premium glass creations designed to illuminate your surroundings, making Peill & Putzler the ultimate choice for those who appreciate the finest German craftsmanship. With over a century of expertise, Peill & Putzler continues to inspire and innovate, casting a luminous path for modern lighting solutions.
Peill & Putzler