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What can I find on Whoppah?

On Whoppah you will find first-class preowned furniture, lighting, art and decoration from modern to vintage design. You will find offers from private individuals, professional sellers, showroom models and returns from web stores. The range comes from the countries where Whoppah is active: the Netherlands and Belgium (Flanders). We check all ads that are created before they are published. If a product is in poor condition or does not fit within the first-class range, we will not place it online.

How does Whoppah determine which ads are placed?

We check all ads before we place them online. This is how we ensure our first-class offering. Our stylists and art curator do this very carefully. Hereby they look at:

  • The condition of the product. This must be at least "good".
    • No gross damage or wear
    • No missing parts
  • Popularity. Our stylists estimate whether there is a good chance that it will sell quickly.
  • The brand. We sell branded products such as Vitra, Kartell, Hay, Eames, Rolf Benz and Artifort or items from renowned designers.
  • In the case of vintage, antique or handmade items, we look at:
    • the design
    • the period of manufacture (for vintage 1920-1980, for antiques 100 years old)
    • the state in relation to the age of the item
    • and the originality / special feature
  • The (attractiveness of the) price. As a rule, we maintain that on average the original purchase price is 50% within 3 years. In the case of art, vintage or unique design items, we look at the market prices.

What does the "good", "very good" and "excellent" condition mean?

"Good" means that the item is in good condition but has some traces of use. "Very good" means that the item may contain traces of use, but these are not noticeable. "Excellent" means that you can hardly detect any traces of use. The item is as good as new. Always take a good look at the photos and chat with the seller about the condition if you have any doubts.

How do I know if what I am buying really belongs to the brand or manufacturer as indicated?

The Whoppah stylist checks whether an ad meets our style and condition standards. However, we cannot guarantee that what you buy is always exactly as it is offered. It is therefore useful to always investigate the authenticity of an item yourself.

What should I do if I have strong doubts as a buyer about the authenticity of an item?

If you doubt the authenticity of an item, you can report the ad to the Whoppah support team. We contact the seller to investigate this further and may request proof such as a purchase receipt, certificate etc.

What is the difference between the app and the Whoppah website?

Whoppah has a website and an app. The app has more options than the website. You can upload videos of items and save ads as favorites.

How do I pay for my purchase?

In the app you can pay safely and easily with iDeal, MasterCard, Visa or in Belgium with Bancontact via the "pay now" button in the chat, the "buy now" button on the page of the product, or in the app checkout. You can choose your payment method at checkout. We will send you a confirmation of the payment and purchase by e-mail.

Is payment secure via Whoppah?

To safeguard the safety of our buyers and sellers, payments are always made through Whoppah. As soon as the buyer makes a payment, the money ends up at our payment service provider Stripe. We keep the money in an escrow account until the buyer has indicated that he has received the item in good order. If the buyer does not state anything, the seller is always paid out after 10 days.

Can I cancel a payment as a buyer?

You cannot cancel the payment until the delivery of your purchase. If you have made a purchase from a professional seller (company) you can return up to 14 days after purchase in consultation with the seller. Purchases from private individuals are not covered by the Returns Act. If there is damage or if the item is completely different from the pictures in the advertisement, you can, after examination by Whoppah, claim a return. To do this, contact us via support@whoppah.com and let the seller know via chat.

How am I protected as a buyer if my purchase does not arrive in good order?

If the package is delivered damaged by the delivery person, we recommend that you refuse it immediately. The package will then be returned. Let us know as soon as possible via support@whoppah.com and indicate in the chat with the seller that you have not received the package in good order. You do this via the "Receive?" Button in the chat with the seller.Was the package delivered damaged? Take clear photos of the damage and send it to us and the seller. Also indicate in chat with the seller that you have not received the package in good order. You do this via the "Receive?" button.
The seller indicates the minimum bid that is required. If the seller accepts your bid, there is a deal. A deal is a deal on Whoppah. Then pay as quickly as possible via the app or the website.

How do I accept or decline a bid?

Do you want to accept a bid? Then press the green check mark
Do you want to decline a bid? Then press the red cross
Do you want to make a counter offer? Enter the amount at the bottom of the chat under "counter-offer".

What happens if my offer is accepted?

If the seller accepts your bid there is a deal. A deal is deal on Whoppah. Therefore, pay as quickly as possible via the app or the website.

What happens if the buyer has rejected my bid?

You can always place a new bid. Perhaps that offer gets accepted.

What happens if there is a deal and the buyer does not pay?

A deal is a deal. That's the rule on Whoppah. This way we prevent false bids from being made and sellers don't know where they stand. Buyers are therefore asked to make the payment after a deal. If a buyer does not, he is in default. We cannot legally enforce a payment, but we do take steps towards the buyer.

As a seller, how do I know what I can sell on Whoppah?

On Whoppah you will find first-class furniture, lighting, art and home decoration. We check all advertisements before we publish them. This is how we ensure a first-class offering. We hereby look at:
  • The condition(at least good).
  • The brand (design brands).
  • If it has no brand (for example in the case of vintage or handmade items), then we look at the design, quality, the period of manufacture, and originality.
  • The quality of the photos and description.
  • How it fits within our current range.
  • The (attractiveness of the) price.

How does Whoppah check sellers and buyers for reliability?

Whoppah puts great importance to the safety of buying and selling and therefore to the reliability of buyers and sellers. That is why Whoppah identifies everyone through payment service provider Stripe at the first purchase or sale by checking the bank details and contact details. This is how we work to prevent fraud. Fraudsters are immediately and permanently excluded on Whoppah. In the event of fraud, a report is always made to the police.

How do I create an advertisement?

Placing an ad is very simple. Click on the red button at the bottom of the menu bar. Take or upload 5 photos. For a better impression of your item, make a video. Enter the advertisement details. Determine your "sell now" price and the delivery method. Your ad is ready to upload! Whoppah will check the ad within 48 hours and you will receive an email when it is placed.

What should I place in the description?

It is of course important that an advertisement has enough information.

  • Indicate where it was purchased and possibly the purchase price
  • How old the item is and the history of it
  • Details about the state, accessories, etc.
  • In the case of art, explanation about the artist
  • Tip: make the description personal! Why did you buy it? What do you like about it? Why are you putting it away? In short, what is the story behind the item?

How many photos do I have to upload and what kind?

  • Have a minimum of 5 good quality photos
  • At least one photo of the item as a whole piece (make sure the edges / sides of the photo are not cut off) without decoration and well exposed
  • Photos of the details such as the brand label, traces of light wear, etc.
  • Create a video for an even better view for the buyer
  • Tip: take photos against a white background

How do I determine my asking price?

As a seller you determine the asking price. Buyers can buy your item directly for this asking price. In addition, buyers can negotiate via chat. As a seller you determine whether you agree to a bid. The buyer first pays the amount to us. Once the buyer indicates to have received the item in good order, we will pay you.

Need price advice? Send us a photo of your item and we'll let you know what it's worth at Whoppah.

Can I sell on Whoppah as a company?

Companies and individuals can sell on Whoppah with one condition: the products are preowned or handmade. With this we want to stimulate sustainability through the use of already produced things. The categories that fall under this category are: preowned items, antiques, showroom models, handmade items, refurbished items and returns from web stores.

Can I place an ad higher as a seller?

With every search that the shopper does on Whoppah, we ensure that there are other items at the top. It does not matter whether your advertisement has just been created or has been online for weeks. Every shopper on Whoppah receives catered and optimized advertisements in a different order. Therefore, enter as many product details as possible and ensure that the title of the item clearly describes what you are selling. The shoppers can find your advertisement easily by using the different filters.

Can I place an ad twice, as a seller?

We like to give everyone equal opportunities, so we remove any duplicate ads.

When will I be paid as a seller?

Whoppah ensures that buying and selling is as safe as possible. That is why the buyer always pays Whoppah first. The money is then placed in an escrow account of our payment provider Stripe (which is supervised by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets and the Dutch Bank). The moment the buyer has indicated that he has received the item in good order, through the chat, the money is paid to the seller. The money is, depending on the bank of the seller, in the account within 4 days.

What if the buyer does not state anything?

If the buyer does not declare anything within 10 days, the money will be paid to the seller after 10 days. The money is, depending on the bank of the seller, in the account within 4 days.

What if the buyer indicates that he has not received the item in good order?

If the buyer indicates that he has not received the item in good order, the Whoppah support team will contact both parties to assess and resolve the situation. The money will remain (until further clarification) in the suspense account of Stripe.

How do I arrange transport as a seller?

As a seller you determine whether an item can be picked up or gets delivered. You can indicate that it can be picked up by our courier and/ or by the buyer or that you send it. The shipping or courier costs are charged to the buyer and paid to the seller after delivery.

You can check the following shipping options in the app:

  • You ship with parcel post (from € 7,25). Only do this if it can go with the mail and is not more than 10 kilos.
  • You send by registered mail with parcel post (from € 10). The buyer must sign for receipt. Only do this if it can go with the parcel post and is no more than 10 kilos.
  • Let the buyer use the Whoppah courier service. The item is collected from you and delivered to the seller (throughout the Netherlands) from € 69. We will contact you to plan the day of pick up.
  • You arrange the shipment and enter a rate yourself.
  • Please note!: Include any packaging costs in the sales price if you think this is necessary. If you choose parcel post, make sure you pack an item very well. The postal company must be able to stack it.

What do I pay for transport as a buyer?

The seller indicates whether it is possible to pick up an item or that he or she chooses to only send. In the case of shipping, the costs depend on how large an item is.

  • Parcel post is € 7,25
  • Registered parcel post is € 10
  • Courier service: the item is collected from the seller and delivered to you from €69 in The Netherlands and € 129 in Belgium. We will contact you to plan the day of delivery. You arrange the shipment and enter a rate yourself.
  • The seller may have different selling costs.

What are the costs on Whoppah?

  • Creating an account is free of charge
  • Creating an advertisement is free of charge
  • Buyers pay € 1.99 service charge with a purchase
  • Private sellers pay 7% of the selling price
  • Business sellers pay 15% of the selling price excluding VAT.
  • Depending on the chosen payment method (Visa and Mastercard) the buyer will be charged extra costs for paying via this payment method. This is clearly indicated at the checkout.
  • Paying via iDeal and Bancontact is free of charge.

Why does Whoppah charge costs?

These costs allow us to continue to improve the app and website. In addition, we can ensure the further recognition of Whoppah in the Netherlands and Belgium.

My Account

In Account you will find your personal profile, account settings, and all information about your ads. Here you can change your password, change profile name, profile text and photo, and change your bank details.

How do I change my password?

You change your password in your Account under the account settings heading.

How do I change my username?

You change your password in your My Whoppah profile environment under the account settings heading.

How do I adjust the bank account number associated with my account?

You change your bank account number in the My Whoppah profile environment under the heading payment institutions.

How do I delete my account?

You can log out of your account by going to: My account> Account setting> scroll down and you will find logging out there. If you want to delete your account completely, send an email to support@whoppah.com .
Do you have a question or can't find a solution? Send us an email: support@whoppah.com or chat via Help and contact in My Whoppah.

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