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Coffee tables - Save up to 80% by choosing second hand

Second-hand design coffee table deserves the centerpiece

Buying a coffee table

Every living room should not lack a spectacular coffee table. After all, a well-chosen coffee table completes your seating area! Coffee tables can be found for every interior and every price. Whether it is placed between the sofa, by the television, the bar or the bookcase, this piece of furniture will show off everywhere! Ideal to put the remote control, magazines or snacks and drinks on while you sit and enjoy your favourite programme or series on TV. A nice piece of furniture for the kids to tinker and play on. All in all, a multifunctional piece of furniture for young and old!

Vintage coffee table

Whether it's a tough industrial-looking, beautiful old farmhouse style or robust factory style, a vintage coffee table only gets more beautiful and special over the years. Thanks to wooden or metal materials and old-fashioned colours, your coffee table becomes a real eye-catcher.

Plopping down on the sofa after a long working day is a much-appreciated evening pastime. It becomes even more delicious when it comes with something to nibble on. OK, where we want to go are designer coffee tables. Very handy to park a mug of tea, snack ware or stack of books on. And somewhere a living room without a (designer) coffee table feels like just not finished, what about you? With the table as the focal point in the living room, a statement can be made. Something we at Whoppah love. An interior that reflects the characters of the home. Search the collection of designer coffee tables for the perfect match, sleep on it and who knows, maybe there will soon be a new vintage piece in your home. Go vintage!

Design coffee tables should be seen

Fair is fair, the coffee table is not at the front of the queue when it comes to decorating the living room. First up are the sofa, dining table and dining chairs. If an extra savings jar is still available, then the subject of design coffee table' is thrown on the table. This piece of furniture also deserves to be chosen with care. After all, designer coffee tables are not just another 'little table in the living room that fulfils mainly a practical function.' Consider how many times a day you walk into the living room and put something on the coffee table. So that may look sleek.

What we always say about designer coffee tables is that we can hardly do without them. Where else would you leave your snack or drink? And with that, there's a lot to say with a designer coffee table. Consider whether it should be slim or a bit heavier. Round, square or an organic shape? Wood or glass? When scanning the range of designer coffee tables, it is important to check if the proportions are right. Nothing has to, but the advice is to see that the proportions with the sofa(s), the designer coffee table and the rest of the setting are balanced.

Whoppah is brimming with designer coffee tables

Where we put 'designer coffee tables' in the above piece, we could have just kept it to 'coffee tables'. Could have, except that at Whoppah we love vintage, second-, third- or fourth-hand. Vintage has had some years on it and therefore has something to say. Doesn't mean our second-hand designer coffee tables are full of scratches and scuffs. No it doesn't. Much vintage is made of high-quality materials, so it can take a beating. On top of that, team Whoppah checks every item. Found what you were looking for? Don't see any bears on the road how to get the designer coffee table home. Have it delivered to your home by our courier.

Modern coffee table

The modern coffee table stands out for its unique look. Often featuring white or black colour high gloss and stylish stainless steel shiny legs. The modern coffee table does not only have to be used for drinks or snacks but can also function perfectly as a decorative piece with a plant or a few magazines on it. The clean materials and lines exude tranquillity and a luxurious feel.

Coffee table set

Coffee table sets are totally trendy at the moment, where you can choose sets consisting of two or even three tables. The tables are often made of metal, wood or marble. Go for a square, round, oval or rectangular variants. The advantage of a round table is that it has no sharp corners and creates a playful look. A set allows you to spread the tables around your space, which is ideal if you have visitors. Combine several tables or stools or choose different heights for each table. Thanks to the differences in size per table, they can easily be pushed together, which saves space.

What does a coffee table cost on average?

Who wouldn't want this!!! A beautiful and practical coffee table that completes your seating area. There are various shapes, colours and materials where you can also choose a piece of furniture with extra shelves or perhaps drawers. It gives you a lot of convenience! Will you opt for glass or perhaps a wood or marble coffee table? The choice is huge which means that the price can also vary per piece of furniture ranging from a few tens of euros to several hundred euros. Find the furniture that suits your taste and budget and treat yourself to a new optimal living experience.