Cees Braakman

Explore Cees Braakman – where design tells a story. Established in 1948, this Dutch brand presents an alluring selection of pre-loved, high-end furniture, capturing the essence of mid-century modern aesthetics. Hailing from the Netherlands, Cees Braakman specializes in iconic sideboards and elegant lounge chairs, each piece resonating with the spirit of functional art. Yet, what truly distinguishes Cees Braakman is the artful curation of pieces that carry a distinct narrative – a touch of personality that enriches any space. Embark on a journey through design as Cees Braakman introduces these cherished creations to your home, blending the past and the present with seamless elegance.
Cees Braakman

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Cees Braakman: Dutch design icon

Cees Braakman is a name synonymous with modern and innovative design in the Netherlands. A leading designer, Braakman has left an impressive legacy in the world of furniture design. In this text, we will explore Cees Braakman and his contributions to the world of furniture, with a focus on his work at Pastoe.

Cees Braakman at Pastoe

Cees Braakman was closely associated with Pastoe, a Dutch furniture manufacturer known for its contemporary and functional designs. As a designer and later artistic director at Pastoe, Braakman played a crucial role in shaping the brand and defining its vision.

Cees Braakman Chairs

One of Cees Braakman's standout creations for Pastoe is the Pastoe chair. These chairs combine form and comfort in a unique way. The designs are simple and sleek, but still offer an exceptional seating experience.

Cees Braakman Desk

Braakman's design approach is clearly reflected in the Cees Braakman desk designs for Pastoe. These desks are not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. They combine clean lines and innovative storage solutions, resulting in tables that are both practical and beautiful.

Cees Braakman Tables

Cees Braakman's designs for tables at Pastoe are a perfect example of the harmony between functionality and aesthetics. He understood that a table is not only a practical piece of furniture, but also a central element in interior design. Therefore, he combined smart storage solutions with sophisticated aesthetics in his table designs.

Cees Braakman Cabinets

Cees Braakman's work at Pastoe also included the development of cabinets, including the iconic Cees Braakman Sideboard. These cabinets highlight the simplicity and versatility of design, with smart storage options and a timeless look.

What to look out for when Buying Cees Braakman Furniture

When considering buying Cees Braakman furniture, there are some important considerations:

  • Staat van Bewaring: Als je geïnteresseerd bent in vintage meubels, let dan op de staat van bewaring. Oudere stukken kunnen tekenen van slijtage vertonen, maar dit kan ook bijdragen aan hun charme.
  • Stijl en Pasvorm: Overweeg of de stijl en de afmetingen van de meubels passen bij jouw interieur en ruimte.
  • Budget: Stel een budget in en houd je eraan. Authentieke Cees Braakman stukken kunnen variëren in prijs, afhankelijk van zeldzaamheid en conditie.
  • Provenance: Als je geïnteresseerd bent in de geschiedenis van een specifiek stuk, probeer dan zoveel mogelijk informatie over de herkomst en achtergrond te verzamelen.

Cees Braakman's Legacy in Design

Cees Braakman has made a lasting impression on the world of furniture design, especially through his work at Pastoe. His chairs, tables and cabinets embody the principles of functionality and aesthetics and have retained a timeless appeal. If you are looking for furniture that is both practical and stylish, Cees Braakman's designs are an attractive choice. His legacy in design continues to inspire and his work is still appreciated by lovers of quality and craftsmanship.