Vintage Dining Tables

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Vintage dining tables

Vintage reigns supreme! A vintage dining table is often handmade and suits any space or need. The vintage dining table has a classic look and is mainly made of wood. You can find the vintage dining table in different wood types, including oak, teak, walnut and mahogany. Vintage dining tables from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s are totally hip! Both round wooden vintage tables, as well as rattan tables and retro desks, nesting tables and vintage coffee tables.

What is a vintage dining table?

A vintage dining table is a table that has been used for years and has a history. The term "vintage" is often used to describe old items from between 1920 and 1980. Before you buy a vintage dining table, think about where it will be placed and which version of the frame best fits in with the rest of your living style. Will you go for an X- or U-shape and does the colour match the rest of your interior?

Buying a vintage dining table

When buying a vintage dining table, there are several styles you can browse. Styles such as mid-century and scandinavian are highly regarded. Dining tables made of warm woods always do well, such as dining tables made of solid oak, beech, dark teak or even scaffolding wood are made for the vintage enthusiast. Natural tones like green, blue, beige, brown and pastel shades. With a vintage dining table, it is not a disaster if the furniture has had a previous owner. Reusing furniture is exactly what vintage is all about! The signs of use give the dining table character, and tell you a story. Of course, that doesn't mean that the table top should be jumping, but it's not bad at all if it has some wear and tear on it.

Vintage round dining table

The round dining table is a piece of furniture known from medieval times that was used for meetings and meals. They are the perfect choice for families who want to enjoy the beauty of a traditional dining table. A round dining table is always cosy, both to eat at and to have a nice cup of coffee at. A round dining table has the advantage of not having sharp corners that kids can hurt themselves on. If you don't have much space in your house, it's smart to choose a round dining table, as it saves space.

Vintage design dining table

The vintage designer dining table has a beautiful and elegant design that are perfect for any room that wants to stand out. It is a beautiful piece of furniture that will make any home feel more at home. This dining table will last longer than the average table because it is made with high-quality materials and construction techniques. Vintage brings with it ambience that gives any room in the house a completely different look. An example is the tables by the brand Pastoe. Vintage design is allowed to be played with in the home, creating a stylish room that really takes you back in time. Vintage design is totally modern, it fits in with today's times. Nowadays, people pay much more attention to design from the past and want to give furniture a second life. Vintage design has already had a previous life and the furniture tells you so. It is nice to think of where a dining table has been before it adorns your home. That makes vintage design extra special.