Gino Vistosi chandelier and 2 sconces

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Gino Vistosi chandelier and 2 sconces


Here you can see a very rare, attractive and very well preserved set, consisting of two wall sconces and a hanging chandelier made of Murano - glass, by the famous Italian designer Gino Vistosi. The three pieces all show the style that made Vistosi a famous and appreciated designer worldwide. His pieces are so sought after. In these pieces, the discs are made of white and clear glass and almost completely hide the metal structure of the lamps. Because of this they give the impression that they seem to float in the air instead of hanging. The two sconces especially resemble a pendant for ladies with their well-balanced geometric shape. The chandelier has thirty glass discs, while the two sconces have six each. All glass discs are original and preserved in excellent condition. All three lamps have been inspected by a professional electrician to ensure that the lighting works flawlessly. The dimensions in the list refer to the chandelier. The two wall sconces are 45 cm wide and 35 cm high and have a total thickness of approximately 6/7 cm.

Brand / designer:Vistosi

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Murano Glass

Vintage, Italian Design

Number of items
3 pcs
45 cm
40 cm
45 cm

ConditionVery good

In very good condition with minimal traces of use

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