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Gerard van den Berg - Painting

Private seller:Gerard van den Berg Art
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Private seller: Gerard van den Berg Art

Den Haag, Netherlands
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Original painting Dimensions: 100 cm x 100 cm Materials: Acrylic paint, finished with a layer of epoxy resin. This work consists of a mix of acrylic paint, torn street posters and structure pastes. The painting is finished with a beautiful epoxy layer. Colorful, street art with pop, cult, African and Asian influences, that is the best way to describe the work of Gerard van den Berg . Gerard van den Berg was born and raised in The Hague. There are many forms of street art to be found in The Hague. The street art-like look is clearly reflected in his work. The chosen subject is often a silhouette of a female figure. The figure is partially shown. Something that can be seen in part often has more expressiveness than something that is shown in full. This gives the works a playful and challenging character. Most of Gerard's works are a mix of acrylic paint, structure pastes. Gerard van den Berg 's art objects have been on display at various exhibitions in recent years. Including the Ministry of SZW, Restaurant New York and various art events.

ConditionExcellentColorsGrey, Mint, Turquoise, Purple, Green, Blue, White, Red, Taupe, Multi Color, Orange, Creme, Yellow, PinkMaterialCanvasNumber of items1SubjectPortraitHeight100 cmWidth100 cm