Angeles Nieto - female

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Angeles Nieto - female


image size 50 x 105 frame size 55 x 110 list Yes technique Screen printing marroufled art type Category B 575 to 1025 style figurative inventory A list type 6639 orientation portrait size medium Angeles Nieto's works have something in common: “liveliness”, a quality that she also radiates personally. Southern influences such as bright light, transparency, cheerfulness that spreads the sunlight. A very unique style in which her use of color is particularly striking, well-considered and at the same time exuberant. Angeles Nieto, Madrid, (1963) was educated at the Academy of Visual Arts in Maastricht. Her 2nd education after art history at the “Universidad Complutense” in Madrid. In the year of her graduation she was nominated for the Academy Award. A year later, in 1994, she was named “Talent of the Year” in Amsterdam. In Pulchri Studio in The Hague she received the honorary prize of the “Javanese Boys Graphics Award”. This was followed by beautiful publications in leading magazines such as “Art View” and “Blad”. She creates the work as a game, a conversation between what has been painted and what still needs to be painted, always looking for balance. Angeles: “We are dust (matter) of the stars”. “That is the basic idea of my work. Our body is made of the same matter, so is our spiritual life. We are part of the universe together, we are stars too. The stars (celestial bodies), the dream world, or being able to fly as an expression of freedom are often reflected in my images”. In the past 20 years, Angeles has produced many commissioned graphic print runs for Philips, Eindhoven; ABP, Heerlen; Bnhrmann Ubbens Zutphen; Red Cross, Amsterdam; Imtech, Amersfoort. In January-February 2015 she designed a special chart for the organization Trollkohns Koppel from Kiesby (Germany) following the attacks on Charlie Hebdo in Paris. Her work is included in collections of: Philips, Eindhoven; Junkers Bosch, Frankfurt; Siemens, The Hague; Shell, Amsterdam; ABP, Heerlen; Red Cross Amsterdam; Takayama Reed Co, Ishikawa Japan; “Langeland” hospital, Zoetermeer; PricewaterhouseCoopers, Eindhoven; NTS group, Eindhoven; Technical University, (TU) Eindhoven, Trollkohns Koppel, Kiesby (Germany)”

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