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The Noguchi coffee table brings a timeless blend of mid-century modern aesthetics, functional design, and superior production style to spaces, creating a visually striking and versatile focal point.

About the masterpiece

The Noguchi coffee table, a masterful creation by renowned Japanese-American artist Isamu Noguchi, epitomizes the harmonious fusion of artistry and functionality. Crafted in 1947, this iconic piece of furniture design remains a transcendent symbol of mid-century modern tables.

Isamu Noguchi

Isamu Noguchi, born in 1904, was a groundbreaking Japanese-American artist known for blending art and functionality. His sculptures and designs, like the iconic Noguchi coffee table and sculptures such as the Red Cube in New York, have left an indelible mark on modern design, showcasing his innovative and influential contributions.

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What makes the Noguchi coffee table so special?

Sculptural elegance

The Noguchi coffee table's sculptural elegance is a harmonious dance of form and function. Its organic, flowing lines create a visually captivating base that transcends mere utility, transforming the table into a captivating piece of art. Each curve and contour tells a story of years of production, elevating it to iconic status.


The Noguchi coffee table's versatility lies in its ability to seamlessly integrate into diverse interiors or exteriors. With clean lines and a transcendent design, it adapts effortlessly to varying aesthetics, serving as a dynamic focal point in both modern and traditional settings.

Cultural significance

Rooted in mid-century modern tables design, the Noguchi coffee table holds cultural significance as a symbol of an influential era. Its presence in design collections and museums showcases its enduring impact, transcending functionality to become an icon representing a specific period in design history.

Iconic value

The Noguchi coffee table has achieved iconic status through its recognition as a design masterpiece. Its inclusion in prestigious collections and its widespread adoption in stylish homes underscore its enduring appeal, solidifying its position as a symbol of timeless sophistication and artistic achievement.

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Journey to fame

Isamu Noguchi's journey to fame experienced a transformative phase with the widespread recognition of the Noguchi coffee table. Initially designed in 1947, the table gained prominence in the 1950s as part of Herman Miller's furniture line. Its innovative design, coupled with the rising popularity of mid-century modern aesthetics, propelled Noguchi into the limelight. The table's inclusion in exhibitions and museums further solidified Noguchi's status as a luminary in the world of art and design.

Ever-lasting legacy

The Noguchi coffee table transcends its initial acclaim, remaining relevant and coveted in contemporary design landscapes. Its enduring legacy is the proof to the timelessness of its design, which seamlessly integrates into modern interiors. As a functional art piece, it continues to captivate with its sculptural elegance, serving as a bridge between the mid-century modern era and the present day, making it an iconic and sought-after symbol of sophistication.

Did you know...?

A fascinating aspect of the Noguchi coffee table is its inception during a collaboration with choreographer Martha Graham. Isamu Noguchi designed the table as a set piece for Graham's dance production, "Interplay" in 1944. The fluidity and grace of the table's form were originally conceived to complement the movements of the dancers, highlighting the intersection of art forms in its creation.

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