Vintage Desk

Since everyone works a lot from home, there is a need - if the space is there - for a home office space. Desk here, chair there. If a vintage desk makes you happy, stay where you are. In fact, at Whoppah, we have pages full of vintage desks still looking for a new (t)home. There are multiple styles and materials available. Many desks are made of wood. If that doesn't fit your style lane, there are also the steel and even plexiglass ones. And while you're at it, take a look at the collection of vintage desk lamps.

Vintage desk: hodgepodge of styles and materials

Smother on the vintage living style only doesn't the whole house have to be full of second-hand gems? Then start, for example, with a vintage desk. From wood to steel and everything in between. From sleek model with a legion of drawers to simplistic, semi-circular model. And from Jan Frantzen's art deco desk to Cees Braakman's vintage design. Sure, here and there will be an imperfection, but that's what gives a vintage desk its charm. Besides, the nice thing about vintage is that it goes very well with all different interior styles.

When is a desk a vintage desk?

Vintage is more popular than anything else. Until years ago, furniture in this category had a dusty image, but those days are gone. Dusted off, refurbished to be enjoyed for years afterwards, we have come to appreciate vintage. Until shortened, the name "vintage" was given to furniture (and clothing) from 1920 to 1980. Nowadays, there are no such rock-hard boundaries and we prefer to stick to "from a good year.

Vintage desk versus a new version

Why buy a vintage desk instead of a new one? On the one hand, it's the durability. A vintage desk has often already had one or more addresses. Not for nothing, as the quality is super. If you move house or change your interior, it's a good idea to part with the second-hand design. Because the quality is still excellent, it is a shame to throw it away. It deserves another round. Choose a vintage desk, give it a new (t)home and do your sustainable bit for mother earth. Shops even nicer! Second reason to go for a vintage desk is because of its looks. Pronounced without being too present. Unique and responsible for a dot of character.

Whoppah bursting with vintage desks

Already got your eye on a vintage desk or prefer to browse further? Know that our online marketplace is full of used designer furniture, accessories and art. Something a little different than spending an afternoon wandering around vintage stores. All the furniture and vintage designs under one roof. And should you be looking for another good excuse to shop, remember that you can see many vintage (designer) items as a good investment. Say, in a few years it will be time for something new, it will always make a nice amount of money. And if you still prefer to go for something modern, you always have our large collection of designer desks.