Office chair

Sitting comfortably is important

You can find a good and beautiful second-hand designer office chair on Whoppah

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This piece of furniture has become a central part of almost every household! Working from home has become the most normal thing in the world, and a comfortable and stylish office chair should not be missing.

Design office chair

For those looking for an office chair where image and appearance matter, the designer office chair is an ideal way to receive your clients in style. Many office chairs are black, which sounds rather logical as it goes with almost everything, but there are also colourful ones to brighten up your study or office.

Vintage office chairs

If you like the vintage look or have a vintage interior, you can find chairs in the same theme For any hard worker, being able to sit comfortably is a necessity. The age of an office chair does not always say something about its quality and comfort.

Ergonomic office chair

For those who have a sedentary job or hobby, the office chair is a piece of furniture to consider. An ergonomic office chair is office furniture where your needs have been taken into account during its design. You can adjust this chair to your body and sitting position. It moves with your body, as it were, and thus gives you physical support where you need it. The ergonomic office chair reduces the strain on your body, preventing health problems and keeping you focused and fit throughout the working day.

What should I look out for when buying an office chair?

A healthy comfortable chair is important for anyone who wants to sit comfortably for many years to come. When finding a good office chair, consider the following aspects;

  • Easy assembly and maintenance if installed by yourself.
  • A lightweight chair that is easily movable
  • The right upholstery for the right comfort
  • A chair that you can adjust in a healthy way
  • The structure of the seat
  • Choose an office chair aimed at your type of work.

Office chairs for your home office

Do you work at home a lot? Then a comfortable office chair is incredibly important. But the eye wants something too, so why go for a typical office chair when you can also choose a designer one? At Whoppah, we have a huge range of second-hand designer office chairs. All you have to do is pick one.

Iconic office chairs

Our collection includes a number of famous designers. Think, for example, of Charles and Ray Eames who created an iconic lounge chair. Iconic designers also often collaborate with well-known brands such as Vitra and Knoll

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