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Sitting comfortably is important

You can find a good and beautiful second-hand designer office chair on Whoppah

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This piece of furniture has become a central part of almost every household! Working from home has become the most normal thing in the world, and a comfortable and stylish office chair should not be missing.

Design office chair

For those looking for an office chair where the image and appearance matter, the designer office chair is a must and the ideal way to receive your customers in style. For a luxurious look, go for the designer office chair, For a more luxurious look, go for a designer office chair that is comfortable and beautifully designed. Many office chairs are black, which makes sense since it goes with almost anything. But there are also colorful ones to cheer up your study or office.

Vintage office chairs

If you like the vintage look or have a vintage interior, vintage office chairs are available. For every hard worker it is a necessity to be able to sit comfortably. You can also go to vintage office chairs for this. The age of an office chair says nothing about the quality and comfort. The vintage office chairs look like they come from the 1970s or 1980s, but are still relatively new. This chair makes it a perfect combination of healthy working and a vintage look.

Ergonomic office chair

For those who have a sedentary profession or hobby, the office chair is a piece of furniture to be reckoned with. An ergonomic office chair is office furniture that takes your needs into account during the design. You can adjust this chair to your body and sitting position. It moves, as it were, with your body and therefore gives you physical support where it is needed. Sitting is unhealthy and can lead to swollen legs, after 30 minutes the legs will already swell if you sit on the wrong chair. The ergonomic office chair ensures that your body is less stressed, which prevents health problems and keeps you focused and fit throughout the working day.

What does an office chair cost?

Are you working on a start-up or are you going to work from home and are you looking for an office chair? Then you are certainly curious about what an office chair actually costs! An office chair can easily cost between €250 and €500, depending on your specific wishes. You can get a simple office chair for € 50 euros. These seats are often uncomfortable and not adjustable. The higher the purchase amount, the more comfortable and ergonomic it is. At all times, make sure that you are sitting in a natural position that allows you to sit for a long time without compromising yourself, which can cause neck and back problems. If your budget is not that high, you can always opt for a second-hand office chair. This is not only better for the environment, but also for the wallet.

What is a good office chair?

A good office chair meets the right standards, or ARBO standards. Good office chairs comply with the (N)EN 1335 standards as well as the NPR 1813 guidelines. The EN 1335 are European requirements for office chairs. The N indicates that the chair meets our own Dutch requirements. This standard only applies to people with a height between 150 and 192 cm. The office chair that meets the NPR 1813 requirements generally has more adjustment options.

What should I pay attention to when purchasing an office chair?

A healthy comfortable sitting chair is a must for anyone who wants to live a healthy life for many years to come. When looking for a good office chair, consider the following aspects;

A chair suitable for full working days

  • Simple assembly and maintenance if installed by yourself.
  • A lightweight chair that is easy to move
  • The right upholstery for the right seating comfort
  • A chair that you can adjust in the correct healthy way
  • The structure of the seat
  • Choose an office chair that is aimed at your type of work.

Office chairs for your home office

Do you work at home a lot? Then a comfortable office chair is a must. But the eye also wants something, so why go for a typical office chair, if you can also choose a designer chair? At Whoppah we have a huge range of second-hand design office chairs. You just need to pick one.

Iconic office chairs

Did you know that there are even celebrities among office chairs? The Vitra EA 177 by Charles and Ray Eames has already appeared on many film sets. Made of high-quality leather or with fabric, removable upholstery. The chromed metal base provides maximum stability and is also a stylish element. And then we also have the fine Herman Miller office chair. Not just a picture in your interior - but with a good, ergonomic design, so that you can spend hours in meetings, gaming, writing, drawing... you name it.

Large selection of second-hand office chairs

If you are looking for a 'new' office chair, Whoppah is the right place for you. Every day we curate lots of stylish, second-hand office chairs, so that we can let you choose from a wide range. Maybe you have a nice copy at home, which you no longer use, but which is still in good condition. Make a new owner happy with your office chair by placing it on Whoppah.

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