Vitra office chairs - Up to 70% cheaper

Second hand Vitra office chairs

Vintage Vitra office chairs

Vitra is a company that specializes in designing and manufacturing furniture. One of their most popular products is office chairs. Vitra office chairs are ergonomic chairs with a wide range of functions to meet different needs. They have a variety of colors, fabrics and styles to choose from. Buying a new office chair is not an easy task, especially when you have so many factors to consider. You need to consider the height, weight and size of the person who will be using the chair. You should also take into account the time the person will spend in that chair each day, their posture and preferences.

Vintage Vitra office chairs

A chair is a chair, right? Error. Vitra 's vintage office chairs are not your average office chairs. Rather, they are works of art. Vitra has been designing and manufacturing furniture for over sixty years. They pride themselves on their dedication to good design, their innovative production methods and their high level of quality. Their vintage office chairs are among the best in the industry because they each have a story to tell.

Second-hand Vitra office chairs

The second-hand Vitra office chairs are not only stylish but also very comfortable. They are also made of high-quality materials and offer an ergonomic design that makes your working day more productive and enjoyable. Second-hand Vitra office chairs can be as much as 70% cheaper at Whoppah than when you go for a new office chair.

Vitra office chair outlet

Busy looking for great bargains of the highest quality? The Swiss Vitra furniture sold at the Whoppah outlet perfectly meets these requirements. A superior and groundbreaking design is combined with careful attention to sustainability. Vitra products are developed in such a way that they have a long service life and are easy to repair or recycle.

Vitra leather office chair

An office at home or outside in the allure of Vitra 's design is what everyone dreams of. Whoppah is the right place to make that dream a reality. Vitra has been a design phenomenon since the 1950s. The high quality leather achieved by Vitra 's designers makes your office a dream place. Whoppah offers competitive prices for excellent quality!

What should I pay attention to when purchasing a vitra office chair?

It is important to take into account the ergonomics of the body while using the office chair. Poorly adjusted office chairs can cause health problems such as neck and back pain. That is why it is important to make sure that the adjustment of the seat suits you. As for the type of material the office chair should be made of, there are many different options to choose from, such as leather or fabric seats in different colors and patterns.

What does a Vitra office chair cost?

The price of this chair depends on the color you choose and the options the chair offers. For example, if you buy a chair with few adjustable seats and surfaces, this makes a huge difference in price and costs around 300 to 400 euros. If you go for more options and luxury, you will soon pay more than 600 euros per seat. Do not forget that a healthy work posture is the most important and priceless.