XOOON saw the light of day in 2011. The foundations were laid in 1968 when George Van den Bosch started producing tubular steel furniture under the name Habufa.

Over 50 years later, his company has grown into a thriving family business with 3 different furniture brands as well as its own decoration brand.

XOOON's collection is inspired by the world around us. Shapes, colors, textures and materials from nature, brought together in their own designs from Dutch soil. Behind each design is a designer with an idea, a love for design and an eye for detail.

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Buy XOOON designer furniture

Introducing XOOON

Xooon is a Dutch furniture brand that stands for affordable designer furniture for any interior. Whoppah's range consists of a wide variety of modern Xooon furniture, such as sofas, chairs, tables, cabinets and beds. Xooon furniture is characterized by its minimalist, clean design and high quality. They are available at Whoppah in a variety of colors and materials, so there is something for every taste. Besides all the previous characteristics, Xooon furniture counts with built-in lighting for extra atmosphere.

Brief history behind

Xooon, the Dutch furniture brand, has a rich history rooted in a commitment to exceptional design and craftsmanship. Established in 2011, the brand quickly distinguished itself in the furniture industry by blending innovative concepts with timeless aesthetics. Over the years, Xooon has evolved to become a symbol of contemporary living, offering a diverse range of furniture pieces that cater to modern tastes and lifestyles. With a foundation built on passion for design, Xooon continues to shape the world of interior furnishings, reflecting a legacy of creativity and dedication to quality.


The sofa takes an important place in your living room. The furniture is often used. It's the seating area where you and family get together at the end of the day or on the weekend. Choosing the right sofa at Whoppah will ensure that you can enjoy yourself. At Whoppah you will find a nice selection of designer sofas in different styles, and the most beautiful collections! Each collection consists of different arrangements so there is always a suitable design sofa to be found. Whoppah has a large assortment in all types of sofas, sizes and materials. Whether you are looking for a 2-seater sofa, a 2.5-seater sofa, a 3-seater sofa, a corner sofa or a pouf or hocker, you will be amazed by the extensive range. For every home and family situation, you can find a suitable designer sofa, and at a generous price with us. So you can give your living room a unique character and at an attractive price!

Buy XOOON dining chairs

Who doesn't love a nice long dinner with friends, a cozy breakfast on the weekend, a family game or doing your homework. Everything you do at the dining room table will only succeed with comfortable dining chairs. At Whoppah you will find a wide range of dining room chairs in various styles, colors and materials. With us, you can completely find your own dining room chair for optimal comfort, so that it exactly meets your living requirements and matches your interior. Take a look at the Xooon Tatum, Xooon Novali, Xooon June, Xooon Noah, Xooon Artella, Xooon Mac or many other nice models.

Iconic sofa collection

At the heart of Xooon's allure lies its iconic sofa collection, a pinnacle of comfort and contemporary design. These sofas redefine the living space, seamlessly merging aesthetics and functionality. Indulge in the plush luxury of Xooon sofas, where cutting-edge design meets the art of relaxation. It's not merely a piece of furniture but an invitation to experience unparalleled comfort and style. Take a look at the Xooon Alicante, Xooon Bellagio, Xooon Brooks, Xooon Denver, Xooon Fiskardo, Xooon Lima or many other nice sofas.

Versatility matters

Elevate your home with the diverse range of Xooon furniture, designed to be a symphony of style and versatility. The brand offers a harmonious blend of pieces, allowing you to curate a living space that mirrors your personality and lifestyle. From striking dining chairs that redefine mealtime elegance to the transformative power of their sofas, Xooon empowers you to decorate with purpose and sophistication.

Decorating with XOOON

Elevate your home with the distinct Dutch design of Xooon's furniture, featuring iconic sofas and dining chairs. Decorating with Xooon means infusing your space with contemporary elegance and innovation. Their sofas, a perfect blend of comfort and style, redefine relaxation, while the sleek dining chairs make a bold statement around the table. With a commitment to quality materials and a rich history in craftsmanship, Xooon empowers you to curate a living space that harmonizes sophistication with modern living. Explore the art of decorating with Xooon, where each piece is a testament to Dutch design excellence in furniture.