USM, born in Switzerland in 1963, is your ultimate destination for second-hand luxury furniture. Specializing in modular storage and versatile office solutions, USM brings Swiss precision and functionality to your living and workspace. What truly sets USM apart is its iconic and customizable design, allowing clients to transform their interiors with endless configurations and colors. Explore a curated collection of pre-owned USM furniture that embodies Swiss design innovation and adaptability. Elevate your living and working spaces with the sleek versatility of USM. Experience the essence of USM today.

USM - Save up to 80% by choosing second hand


USM, founded in Switzerland, has changed the world of furniture design with its iconic and modular furniture system, known as USM Haller. With a strong emphasis on functionality, flexibility and timelessness, USM has built a legacy of innovation and style. Take a look at Whoppah for even more unique design items!

USM Haller Second-hand

Buying USM Haller furniture second-hand offers a sustainable and environmentally conscious choice. USM is known for its durable materials and timeless designs, meaning the furniture pieces often remain in excellent condition even after years of use. By choosing USM Haller second-hand, you contribute to reducing the demand for new production and reducing your carbon footprint. Moreover, second-hand USM Haller pieces already have a story to tell, adding to their uniqueness in your interior.

USM Vintage

USM vintage pieces pay homage to the brand's aesthetic and timelessness. These pieces reflect USM's original vision and retain the charm of earlier decades. USM vintage furniture, such as the famous modular storage cabinets and tables, add a touch of history and character to your living space. "Vintage" is a term used to refer to objects, clothes, furniture, accessories or other items that come from previous decades, usually from the 1920s to the 1980s. It is not just about old objects, but items that capture the style, aesthetic and atmosphere of a particular era.

What to look out for when buying USM Furniture

When buying USM furniture, there are some important considerations to keep in mind:

  • Condition of the furniture: Check the overall condition of the furniture, including any signs of wear, damage or repairs.
  • Modularity: USM Haller is known for its modularity. Consider how the piece of furniture will fit into your space and how it can be adapted to your needs.
  • Colour and finish: USM Haller furniture is available in different colours and finishes. Choose a colour and finish that suits your interior style.
  • Functionality: Consider how the piece of furniture will be used and whether it meets your functional needs.
  • Price: Assess the price in relation to the furniture's condition, rarity and authenticity.

USM has established itself as a pioneer in modular furniture design with its signature USM Haller system. By choosing USM Haller second-hand furniture, you are not only making a sustainable choice, but also adding a touch of character and history to your interiors. USM vintage pieces bring the brand's timeless aesthetic to life and serve as works of art that have stood the test of time.

With the aforementioned considerations when buying USM furniture, you can ensure that you get an authentic and functional piece that fits seamlessly into your living space. USM's impact on design remains visible in the functionality, style and durability of its furniture pieces. With USM furniture, you are not only adding innovation and flexibility to your space, but also a piece of design history that remains relevant for the future.