Piet Boon Design

The Piet Boon brand has been a household name in the interior and design world for more than 30 years. The core of the brand is characterized by timelessness, simplicity and functionality. Piet Boon, founder of the brand, believes in the power of natural materials and clean lines. With designers such as Karin Meyn, Remy Meijers and Jan des Bouvrie, the brand has produced some beautiful and iconic designs that are still relevant in today's interior design world.
Piet Boon

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Piet Boon

Piet Boon (Peter Boon) was born in Koog Aan de Zaan in 1958. He is a Dutch interior and furniture designer. Boon began his career as a local contractor. He later started a design studio with Karin Meyn together with architects and designers. Piet Boon started developing and designing for third parties on a contract basis. His approach to work was very different from that of other furniture designers. The hallmarks of his designs were clean lines and sobriety. He mainly focused on vertical designs such as tall doors, entrance gates, fireplaces. Having been different and very successful in his field, Boon moved on to designing houses and neighbourhoods. In 2006, he designed a floating neighbourhood near Almere, which is recognised as his best work. Piet Boon did not stop here. After designing furniture and houses, he moved on to designing sports cars. In 2006, Boon designed a limited edition Range Rover and he never looked back. He is the most modern designer with a strong grasp of ethical culture.

Piet Boon outlet

Piet Boon became a sensational designer with an outstanding collection of furniture. Many people may think that Piet Boon brand furniture requires quite a big investment. At Whoppah, Piet Boon products are up to 80% cheaper! The quality is not compromised at all.

Piet Boon sofas

The Piet Boon Sofa collection pays homage to sleek, modern and minimalist designs. The fabrics and leathers used are evidence of top-class craftsmanship and quality. Piet Boon sofas are a luxurious addition to homes and offices alike. The versatility of the sofas makes them suitable for almost any seating need, and their flexibility ensures comfortable seating in any setting.

Piet Boon chairs and Piet Boon loungechairs

Piet Boon chairs are not only functional, but also a design statement in themselves. At a time when we spend long hours both at home and in the office, comfortable chairs are essential. The collection offers a range of chairs, including the Saar, Minne, Keke, Jane and Cara. These dining chairs are not only popular but also designed to create a seamless synergy between comfort and aesthetics, making them the ideal choice for everyday use.

Piet Boon loungechairs are an oasis of comfort, perfectly designed to reduce stress and bring calm. With their round shapes and organic lines, these armchairs fit seamlessly into any social setting and interior. They not only provide a place to relax, but are also visual eye-catchers that add a touch of elegance to any space. Piet Boon armchairs are proof that comfort and style can go hand in hand.

Piet Boon Tables

Piet Boon's tables are designed not only to be functional, but also to create emotional connections. Whether kitchen tables, coffee tables, dining tables, side tables or study tables, each piece is imbued with meaning. These tables, such as the Anne, Gerrit, Annet, Kobe 45, Timme and Kai, embody the perfect design that cherishes moments of togetherness and shared experiences. They are not only pieces of furniture, but also bearers of memories and affection.

Piet Boon's furniture collection goes beyond aesthetics; it is a celebration of functionality, comfort and design. Whether sofas, chairs, armchairs or tables, each piece tells a story of craftsmanship and dedication to both form and function. With a Piet Boon piece of furniture in the home, the space is transformed into an oasis of comfort and beauty, where design and everyday life come together seamlessly.