Lumina, founded in 1980 in Italy, shines as a beacon of contemporary design in the world of lighting. Hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Italy, Lumina embodies the essence of Italian creativity and precision. The brand's main products, innovative lighting fixtures and task lamps, redefine how light interacts with space, blending form and function seamlessly. What sets Lumina apart is its unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and technology, resulting in luminaires that are not just sources of light but works of art. Explore Lumina's collection and illuminate your life with the brilliance of Italian ingenuity, where every lamp is a testament to innovation and aesthetic finesse.


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Lumina is a renowned Italian brand that specializes in the production of high-quality designer lighting. The brand has gained worldwide recognition for its innovative approach to lighting, where technology, functionality and aesthetics come together in a harmonious way. Lumina was founded in 1973 and has since created an impressive range of lighting solutions that are appreciated in both residential and commercial spaces.

The Beginning of Lumina

Lumina originated in 1973 in the north of Italy, near Milan. It was founded by Tommaso Cimini, a passionate designer with a vision to transform lighting into an art form. The brand is known for its innovative approach to lighting, where design and technology come together in harmony.

Lumina's Offering

Lumina offers a comprehensive range of lighting solutions for both residential and commercial spaces. Here are some highlights from their diverse collection:

  • Table lamps and desk lamps: Lumina is known for its table lamps and desk lamps with clean lines and functional design. A striking example is the iconic "Daphine" table lamp, designed by Tommaso Cimini himself. These lamps provide both direct and indirect lighting and are perfect for various applications.
  • Wall lamps: Lumina's wall lamps collection combines aesthetics with functionality. The "Matrix" wall lamp, designed by Yaacov Kaufman, is an excellent example of Lumina's modern and minimalist designs.
  • Pendant lamps: For those looking for lighting with impact, Lumina also offers pendant lamps with unique designs. The "Tangram" pendant lamps, designed by Alberto Meda and Paolo Rizzatto, are true works of art that enrich the room with their presence.

Innovation and Sustainability

One of the key features of Lumina is their constant commitment to innovation. They combine advanced technologies with high quality materials to create lighting solutions that are both functional and energy efficient. In addition, Lumina attaches great importance to sustainability, which is reflected in their choice of environmentally friendly production processes and materials.

Vintage Lumina

Vintage Lumina lighting is highly sought after by collectors and design enthusiasts. These pieces carry the history and heritage of the brand and can give a unique look to your interior. Whether you're looking for a vintage "Daphine" table lamp or another classic, Whoppah offers a range of options for lovers of vintage design.

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In short, Lumina is a brand that constantly pushes boundaries and sees lighting as an art form. Their design and innovation make them a favorite in the interior design world. Discover our online site now, or take a look in the showroom!