Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier, founded in 1928 in Switzerland, stands as an iconic pillar of modern furniture design. This Swiss brand is renowned for its mastery of minimalist, functional furniture and avant-garde architecture. With a focus on form and function, their chaise lounges and LC collection have become emblematic of 20th-century design. What truly sets Le Corbusier apart is their pioneering spirit, pushing the boundaries of conventional design to create pieces that redefine the aesthetics of living spaces. Dive into the world of Le Corbusier, where every piece is a testament to the marriage of innovation and elegance, shaping interiors with a touch of visionary design.
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Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier, born as Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris in 1887 in Switzerland, was an influential architect, designer, and artist. He is considered one of the pioneers of modern architecture and design. Le Corbusier was not only a visionary of architecture, but he also contributed significantly to furniture design, for which he became world-famous. His work included a wide range of designs, from chairs and sofas to decorative elements and even vintage furniture.

Le Corbusier Chairs

Chairs are an integral part of everyday life, whether dining, working or relaxing. Le Corbusier is known for his revolutionary approach to furniture design. His chairs are emblematic of his minimalist aesthetic and functional approach. Le Corbusier chairs are often recognised by their slim, steel frames and sleek leather upholstery. One of his most famous designs is the "LC2" armchair, which is still produced and appreciated for its timeless elegance. Considered design classics, Le Corbusier chairs fit seamlessly into both modern and traditional interiors.

Le Corbusier Sofas

Sofas are the essential comfort zones of any home, where cosiness and relaxation come together. Besides chairs, Le Corbusier also designed sofas that reflect the same design principles. The "LC3" and "LC5" sofas are some of his most iconic designs. They are characterised by their cubist shapes and the combination of steel frames with luxurious upholstery. These sofas not only offer comfortable seating, but also serve as artistic showpieces in a room. Le Corbusier's approach to furniture design focused on both form and function, and his sofas are a prime example of this.

Le Corbusier Decoration

Decoration items add personality and character to a space. Le Corbusier's influence on decorative elements is equally impressive. He designed lamps, rugs and other decorative objects that perfectly suited his modernist vision of design. His pendant lamps and floor lamps are known for their simple, geometric forms and innovative use of materials. They complement his furniture designs and contribute to the overall aesthetic of a room. Le Corbusier's decoratieve objecten zijn nog steeds gewild bij liefhebbers van modern design.

Le Corbusier Vintage

For lovers of vintage design, Le Corbusier's original furniture are true treasures. Vintage Le Corbusier furniture is rare and often considered valuable collector's items. They reflect the time in which they were made and the evolution of design throughout the 20th century. Searching for authentic vintage Le Corbusier pieces can be an exciting and rewarding experience for those interested in design history and heritage.

Le Corbusier's influence on the world of architecture and design is undeniable and continues to live on to this day. His chairs, sofas, decorative objects and vintage furniture testify to his creative genius and his ability to create timeless designs. Le Corbusier pushed the boundaries of the design world and his work remains a source of inspiration for architects, designers and modern design enthusiasts around the world. His contributions to the world of furniture design have left a lasting legacy and remain sought after by those who aspire to contemporary and stylish furnishings for their living spaces.