Ingo Maurer

Ingo Maurer, a German visionary in the world of lighting design, ignited his creative journey in 1966. Originating from Munich, his artistic pursuits led to the crafting of extraordinary lighting fixtures and sculptural lamps. The essence of Ingo Maurer's brand lies in the fusion of innovation and artistry, creating illuminating masterpieces that redefine spaces. With an unparalleled dedication to pushing the boundaries of conventional design, each creation embodies a sense of wonder, making every room a canvas of light and imagination. Embrace the radiance of Ingo Maurer's designs and let the ambiance of your living spaces transcend the ordinary. Experience the allure of his unique luminous creations, where light becomes a source of beauty, innovation, and inspiration.
Ingo Maurer

Ingo Maurer

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In the world of lighting and design, Ingo Maurer is a name synonymous with innovation, creativity and stunning lighting designs. This article takes you on a fascinating journey through the world of Ingo Maurer, with a look at the brand's history, diverse range, some iconic designs, and how to acquire pre-owned Ingo Maurer pieces at Whoppah.

The History of Ingo Maurer

The story of Ingo Maurer begins with the man himself, Ingo Maurer, who was born in Germany in 1932. After training as a typographer, he moved to America, where he became acquainted with the world of design and art. In 1966 he returned to Germany and founded his own lighting company called "Design M." This was the start of an extraordinary journey to the top of the lighting industry. Maurer was known for his boundless creativity and his ability to see lighting as art. His designs were often unique and playful, combining unexpected materials and shapes. He was at the helm of his company until his passing in 2019, but his legacy lives on in the beautiful lighting pieces he has created.

The Ingo Maurer Range

Ingo Maurer's range of lighting fixtures is a celebration of individuality and imagination. His designs range from striking ceiling lamps to delicate table lamps and even sculptural installations. Some highlights from its range include:

  • The "Bulb" Collection: One of Maurer's most iconic designs is the "Bulb" table lamp, in which a light bulb is ingeniously surrounded by leaves of paper. This simple design radiates a warm and inviting light.
  • The "Zettel'z" Collection: This unique pendant lamp consists of printed sheets of paper hanging from thin threads. Each page is customizable, allowing you to add your own messages, drawings or poems. It is lighting and art in one.
  • The "Lucellino" Collection: The "Lucellino" is a playful wall lamp in the shape of a bird. It combines elegance and humor in a unique way and brings a touch of poetry to any interior.

Iconic Designs

Ingo Maurer's career has been littered with iconic designs that have stood the test of time. In addition to the aforementioned pieces, there are other notable creations, such as the "Porca Miseria!" hanging lamp, which exists of broken porcelain, and the "YaYaHo" hanging lamp, which seems to float in the air. Each of these designs is a masterpiece in itself and continues to garner the admiration of design enthusiasts around the world.

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Used Ingo Maurer

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Final Thoughts

Ingo Maurer continues to be a source of inspiration for design lighting enthusiasts around the world. His ability to transform lighting into art is a testament to his creative genius. Whether you are looking for a striking pendant lamp, a unique table lamp or a sculptural work of art, Ingo Maurer's designs have something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Let the light of Ingo Maurer shine in your home and bring a touch of magic to your life.