Iittala, born in Finland in 1881, is a proud Nordic legacy that has left an indelible mark on modern living. This brand is synonymous with simplicity and functionality, offering a range of exquisite glassware and ceramics that elevate everyday living. At its core, Iittala embodies the spirit of Finnish design, celebrating the harmony of form and function. What sets Iittala apart is its unwavering commitment to timeless design, seamlessly blending tradition with innovation. Discover the essence of Nordic minimalism in every Iittala piece, where every curve and contour serves a purpose, and each creation tells a story of enduring beauty. Experience the art of everyday living with Iittala, where Finnish design heritage meets the practical elegance of everyday life.
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Iittala: Timeless Finnish Beauty

Iittala is a leading Finnish brand known for its beautiful decoration and tableware collections. For more than a century, Iittala has created high-quality designs that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. In this text, we explore the world of Iittala, with a particular focus on their decoration, tableware and vintage pieces.

Iittala Decoration

Decorative elements play a crucial role in beautifying a space and adding personality. Iittala's decoration collection offers a wide range of artistic pieces that fulfil this role. From beautiful glass vases to mood lighting, Iittala has built a reputation for innovative designs that excite the senses.

  • Glass Vases: One of Iittala's most iconic designs is the Aalto vase, also known as the Savoy vase. Designed by Alvar Aalto in 1936, this organically shaped vase has a timeless appeal and is available in different sizes and colours.
  • Ambient lighting: Iittala's collection of ambient lighting includes candlesticks and lanterns that add a warm glow to any room. The Kivi tea light holders are popular pieces that are made of coloured glass and available in different colours.
  • Art objects: Besides practical decoration pieces, Iittala also has art objects in their collection. Think hand-blown glass artwork and sculptures that add elegance to any setting.

Iittala Tableware

Tableware, the silent host of flavours and conversations. Iittala's tableware collection is a celebration of craftsmanship and functionality. The pieces are designed not only to beautify the dining table, but also to make everyday meals special. Some of the standout items in this category include:

  • Serviceware: Iittala offers a wide range of tableware, from plates and bowls to mugs and cutlery. The Teema range, designed by Kaj Franck, is an excellent example of timeless Finnish design. Clean lines and subdued colours characterise this collection.
  • Glasses: Iittala is also known for its drinking glasses. The Aarne glasses, designed by Göran Hongell in 1948, have a distinctive hexagonal base and are an icon in the world of glass design.
  • Servings for special occasions: For special moments, Iittala has special collections, such as Taika and Tanssi. Rich in colour and detailed patterns, these tableware add a touch of magic to table settings.

Iittala Vintage

Vintage Iittala pieces have a special appeal. They are testaments to timeless designs and craftsmanship that has endured through generations. Whether you're a passionate collector or just looking for a unique piece for your interior, vintage Iittala is an excellent choice.

Vintage Iittala includes both decorative pieces and tableware. It can sometimes be difficult to find original vintage pieces, but they are worth the effort. They bring a piece of history and timeless beauty to your home.

What to consider when buying Iittala

When buying Iittala products, here are some considerations to keep in mind:

  • Style: Consider which Iittala style best suits your interior. Whether you like minimalist simplicity or vibrant colors and patterns, Iittala offers a range of options.
  • Use: Think about how you plan to use the Iittala pieces. Are they meant for everyday use, special occasions, or purely for decoration?
  • Rarity: If you are looking for vintage Iittala pieces, rarity may be a factor. Some pieces are harder to find than others, and their value can vary.
  • Maintenance: Inform yourself about the proper maintenance of Iittala pieces, especially if they are made of glass. Some pieces may require special care.

These considerations will help you make the right choices when buying Iittala products. Regardless of your personal taste, Iittala offers timeless design and high quality.

Iittala - Finnish Design with Timeless Elegance

Iittala has a well-earned reputation as a symbol of Finnish design and craftsmanship. Their decoration and tableware collections are sought-after around the world, and vintage Iittala pieces are beloved heirlooms.

With Iittala in your home, you not only bring in beautiful designs, but also the spirit of Finnish design that harmoniously blends functionality and aesthetics. Whether you are looking for a timeless gift or a new addition to your own collection, Iittala offers a wealth of options to embellish and enrich your home. Take another look at Whoppah, for unique design items!