Frans Daniels started the family business Herda "lighting industry" with two brothers in 1946. The brothers were inventive enough to get around the post-war material shortage by using cookie cans, which had been dropped by the Allies during the war. Thus the first Herda lamps were created from the recycled metal of the cookie cans.

The company started small, but in its heyday it employed over 350 people who took care of the production of 2,500 lighting stores in the Netherlands. That was 95 percent of the total market at the time. At the time, Herda was the largest lamp manufacturer in the Netherlands.

Today, vintage Herda lamps are still very much in demand and add a touch of Dutch craftsmanship and style to any design interior.

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Herda is a leading brand in the field of lighting. With their unique designs and high quality, they have built a solid reputation in the lighting industry. Whether you are looking for modern hanging lamps, classic table lamps or minimalist wall lamps, Herda has something for everyone.

Types of lighting

Herda offers a wide range of lighting products that perfectly match any interior style. Whether you are looking for modern hanging lamps, classic table lamps or minimalist wall lamps, Herda has something for everyone. They are known for their innovative designs and use of high-quality materials.

Some of the popular types of lighting offered by Herda are:

Origin of the brand

Herda was founded in 1967 by Jan Herda, a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for lighting. He started his career as a traditional lamp maker and quickly grew into a renowned manufacturer of designer lighting. With his innovative designs and craftsmanship, he managed to attract the attention of interior designers and enthusiasts of quality lighting.

In the years that followed, the brand expanded and became synonymous with high-quality lighting solutions. The company remained true to its original values of craftsmanship, sustainability and aesthetics.

Second hand Herda lighting

Herda is also an interesting choice for lovers of second-hand designer lighting. By choosing second-hand Herda lighting you can enjoy high-quality products at lower prices, while also being sustainable. Whoppah regularly offers second-hand Herda lighting products, so it's worth keeping an eye on our range.

Iconic designs

Herda has produced several iconic designs over the years that are loved by design enthusiasts around the world. Some of their most famous designs are:

  • The "Hanging Globe" hanging lamp - A timeless design with a glass sphere that creates a warm and diffused light.
  • The "Swan Neck" wall lamp - An elegant wall lamp with a curved arm, perfect for creating mood lighting in any room.
  • The "Venezia" table lamp - A modern table lamp with a minimalist design and an adjustable lampshade, ideal for illuminating work or reading areas.

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