Second-hand Gispen chairs

Gispen is an iconic Dutch brand known for its timeless and functional furniture designs. The brand has a long history dating back to 1916. The designs are sleek and modern, but at the same time practical and useful in everyday life. This has ensured that Gispen furniture remains popular over the years. One of the most important designers contributing to Gispen's success is W.H. Gispen himself. His designs, such as the famous Giso lamps and steel-framed chairs, were revolutionary in their simple yet elegant design. They quickly became a symbol of modern design in the Netherlands.

Second hand Gispen chairs

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Are you looking for a better result? Do you want to get the best out of your employees or yourself? Whether in education, healthcare, government or business. The Gispen chairs are surprising, durable and of high quality for every interior, where people are central and every organization can benefit from them for many years to come. Gispen opts for circular construction, design, production and organisation.

Gispen chair vintage

The Gispen company was founded in 1916 by WH Gispen and started as an art forge. Later in time, people started with tubular frame furniture, which today is a single vintage chair. Thanks to the design of the Van Nelle factory building in Rotterdam, people have grown. in the 1970s, Gispen stopped producing living furniture. Gispen has now released its own collection of living furniture under the name NgispeN. Some models of the Gispen brand are: 412, 101, 356, 1235.

Used plaster chairs

Second-hand Gispen chairs are widely available, the brand itself also has the vision to give existing furniture a second life and to convert parts to use new functions. At Whoppah you will find second-hand furniture where you can save up to 80% on your purchase. Characteristic of Gispen chairs are the beautiful design and the high quality. All Gispen chairs are made with an eye for detail. Given the high quality, the purchase of used second-hand Gispen chairs is an excellent alternative to investing in new furniture. With Gispen chairs you get quality that you will enjoy for years to come.

Gispen armchairs

Gispen armchairs are real eye-catchers and complete your living or working space. Thanks to the modern designs, these armchairs are more than just a lazy chair. They give the room a luxurious and stylish atmosphere with a homely touch. Go for a white, leather armchair or a striking red one.

Do you like a timeless and stylish interior? Choose a classic such as the Gispen 412s or a unique model such as the Gispen 416. Whoppah has a beautiful armchair for every style and taste. Moreover, Whoppah armchairs are of high quality, so you can enjoy them for a long time.

How do you recognize a Gispen chair?

Every interior that is equipped with a chair by Gispen has a structured way of thinking and working. Innovative designs, smart reuse of materials and circular values are what Gispen is all about. The dining room chair Gispen 101 chair is regarded as one of the most famous design classics. The Gispen 201 is also very popular. The sprung, rear-legless frame ensures that the chairs have a transparent character and can be used and combined in almost any interior. This, together with the comfortable seat, makes the Gispen 101 and Gispen 201 the ideal dining room chairs.

What does a Gispen chair cost?

Depending on its age, size, type of chair, quality and material, the Gispen chair is an affordable chair. The costs vary from a few hundred euros per set of two to just under a thousand euros.