Buy Gispen two-seater sofas? 70% cheaper than Gispen

Second hand Gispen 2 seaters

Gispen SETT bench

Second hand Gispen 2 seaters

Are you ready for a new couch for the living room? Do you want to create a lounge area at the office? Or are you just tired of the old sofa? Many people then immediately get into the car and drive to the first home furnishing store. Beautiful beautiful new sofas according to the latest trends and designs.

But have you ever considered shopping second-hand?

Second-hand items can yield significant environmental benefits. Reusing things extends the life of Gispen 2 seaters, for example. If you buy something second-hand, nothing new needs to be made. This way you save raw materials, energy and waste that are needed to make new things, which is completely in line with Gispen's philosophy.

Don't buy everything new in the store, but go for second hand at Whoppah. This will soon give you a 70% advantage. You can save a lot of money by purchasing second-hand items! Because the products are used, they are in all cases offered cheaper than a new product.

Not all products are recommended to buy second-hand. Sometimes it's better to go new instead of old: for example, if you need a refrigerator. A new refrigerator uses much less energy than an old one.

Second-hand vintage furniture is hip and fun! It would be a text that can be placed on a tile. For many people, looking for second-hand stuff is also just a lot of fun! There is a gem everywhere, whether online at Whoppah, at a flea market or at your local thrift store.

Gispen 2 seaters

For a 2-seater sofa, you can get by with a Gispen 2-seater sofa. Available in both leather version and fabric sofa. Available in various models, sizes and colours. Gispen was founded in 1916 by Willem Hendrik Gispen and has been known for over 100 years as the brand for sustainable design furniture.

Gispen SETT bench

The Gispen SETT is a characteristic designer sofa with a particularly high seating comfort. The sleek look and remarkable details make this sofa a timeless model.

Gispen STEE bench

The Gipsen STEE is a sofa that lends itself well to various activities at the office – or in a different environment. This sofa feels at home everywhere, including in healthcare or education. The sofa has a modular structure, so that there is an optimal configuration for every application.

Gispen Juna bench

The plaster JUNA TRAIN BENCH, flexible train bench. This sofa can be used flexibly and can be easily adapted to your wishes. The bank comes into its own in various sectors. Organizations within the business community, healthcare and education are opting for the train bench. Configure JUNA according to your wishes. There is a wide choice of different sizes, fabrics and color combinations.

Gispen TST bench

Gispen TST sofa is a sofa with a strong iconic shape. The robust design contains soft lines and is combined with a comfortable upholstery fabric. The TST sofa is available as a 2-seater sofa or 2.5-seater sofa with a low or high back for extra privacy during a meeting and to promote communication. During the design, attention was paid to experience, emotion and interaction. The result is a high-quality product tailored for a personal interior.