Welcome to Gallotti&Radice, an Italian icon in the world of luxurious second-hand furniture. Established in Italy in 1955, Gallotti&Radice boasts a rich history of design excellence. Their curated collection showcases exquisite glass tables and meticulously crafted mirrors, embodying the brand's dedication to both artistry and functionality. What truly sets Gallotti&Radice apart is their mastery of glass, where every piece showcases Italian craftsmanship, turning furniture into works of art. With over six decades of design expertise, Gallotti&Radice continues to redefine interiors with its Italian creativity and a unique approach to transforming spaces with the brilliance of glass. Immerse yourself in the world of Gallotti&Radice today and experience the Italian touch that elevates your living spaces into luminous, sophisticated sanctuaries.


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Gallotti & Radice is a leading Italian furniture brand known for its elegance, craftsmanship and timeless designs. With a history dating back to the early 20th century, Gallotti & Radice has established itself as a leading name in the world of luxury furniture. Gallotti & Radice is known for its minimalist and refined designs. They strive for perfection in every detail, from the choice of materials to the finish. The brand combines Italian elegance with contemporary aesthetics, making their furniture timeless and versatile. A characteristic of Gallotti & Radice is the use of high-quality materials such as glass, metal and wood. These are combined in an innovative way to create unique pieces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

History of Gallotti & Radice

The Gallotti & Radice brand was founded in 1955 by Pierangelo Gallotti and Luigi Radice. They started as small craftsmen and mainly produced traditional wooden furniture. However, over the years they have shifted their focus to modern designs and the use of new materials. In the 1950s, Gallotti & Radice introduced glass as an important element in their designs, creating their signature style. The use of glass brought transparency, lightness and modernity to their furniture, which quickly caught the attention of design enthusiasts around the world.

Iconic designs

One of the most iconic items from Gallotti & Radice is the Eros coffee table. This table is a perfect example of the elegant and timeless designs the brand is known for. The combination of glass and metal gives the Eros coffee table a modern look, while the subtle details provide a touch of sophistication. Another iconic piece of furniture is the "Bolle" hanging lamp. This lamp consists of transparent glass with a spherical shade, which creates a beautiful diffused light effect. The "Bolle" hanging lamp is a timeless piece that fits into any interior style.

Gallotti & Radice at Whoppah

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Product Range

Gallotti & Radice offers a wide range of furniture for every room in the house. Some popular pieces are:

Dining tables - elegant and functional, perfect for cozy dinners with friends and family.

Coffee tables - minimalist and refined, ideal to complete your living room.

Cabinets - practical storage space with stylish designs.

Sitting furniture - sofas and chairs that combine comfort with aesthetics.

With the various options that Gallotti & Radice offers, you can transform your interior with timeless elegance and Italian flair.

In short, Gallotti & Radice is a brand that stands for craftsmanship, elegance and timeless designs. With their iconic furniture pieces and high-quality materials, they are an excellent choice for lovers of designer furniture. Whether you are looking for a stylish dining table, a unique lamp or other pieces of furniture, Gallotti & Radice offers the perfect options to enrich your interior.