Welcome to Foscarini, an Italian icon in the world of luxurious second-hand furniture. Hailing from Italy and founded in 1981, Foscarini carries a rich heritage of cutting-edge design. Their meticulously curated collection showcases innovative lighting fixtures and contemporary lamps, embodying the brand's commitment to both aesthetics and functionality. What truly distinguishes Foscarini is their unparalleled ability to blend form and light, creating pieces that redefine spaces with a harmonious glow. With over four decades of design expertise, Foscarini continues to illuminate interiors with its unique fusion of Italian ingenuity and artistic illumination. Explore Foscarini today and let their creations cast a luminous spell on your living spaces.


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The Foscarini brand has been known for decades for its innovative lighting and unique design furniture. With a rich history and a constant drive for innovation, Foscarini has established itself as a leading player in the world of interior design. What sets Foscarini apart from other brands is their constant focus on innovation and experimentation. The brand goes beyond making beautiful lamps - they strive to create unique lighting experiences that evoke emotions and transform spaces. By using advanced technologies and materials, Foscarini knows how to surprise time and time again with their original designs. Another characteristic that defines Foscarini is sustainability. The brand is committed to making products that not only last a long time, but are also environmentally friendly. They strive for a balance between aesthetics, functionality and responsibility towards the planet.

The history of Foscarini

Foscarini was founded in 1981 in Venice, Italy, by Carlo Urbinati and Alessandro Vecchiato. From the beginning, the purpose of the brand was clear - to create lighting fixtures that were not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. The brand soon had success with its first collections and began to gain international recognition. The 1990s were a turning point for Foscarini, when the brand began collaborating with renowned designers such as Patricia Urquiola, Rodolfo Dordoni and Marc Sadler. These collaborations brought new perspectives and ideas to the Foscarini range, enabling the brand to continue to differentiate itself in the competitive market.

Foscarini at Whoppah

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Iconic designs

Foscarini has produced several iconic designs over the years that have become synonymous with the brand itself. An example of this is the "Twiggy" floor light, designed by Marc Sadler. With its slim design and flexible arm, the Twiggy is a timeless piece that makes a statement in any room. Another well-known lamp by Foscarini is the "Cabildo" hanging lamp, designed by Eric Solé. With its unique design reminiscent of an open tulip flower, the Cabildo not only provides beautiful diffused light, but also serves as a decorative element in the interior.

Various furniture by Foscarini

  • Lamps: In addition to the iconic designs mentioned earlier, Foscarini offers a wide range of lamps for different needs and styles. From hanging lamps to table lamps and wall lamps, there is something for everyone.
  • Furniture: Foscarini also has decoration in its range that seamlessly match their lighting collections. Think, for example, of candlesticks that show the same attention to detail and innovation as the lamps.

With Foscarini you not only get high-quality design products, but also a piece of Italian craftsmanship and innovation. Whether you are looking for a statement lamp or want to create a completely new interior with Foscarini furniture, the brand offers options for every taste and style.

In short, Foscarini is a brand known for its innovative lighting solutions and unique design furniture. With a rich history of collaborating with renowned designers and a focus on sustainability, Foscarini continues to distinguish itself in the world of interior design. If you are interested in buying Foscarini lighting, visit Whoppah to discover unique second-hand finds. Bring a piece of Italian style and craftsmanship into your home with Foscarini today!