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Discover Flos, an iconic name in the world of luxurious second-hand furniture. Originating in Italy in 1962, Flos has been a pioneer in lighting design. Flos or 'Flower' in Latin is a family-owned company that specializes in lighting. Their curated collection features striking lamps and contemporary light fixtures, showcasing the brand's commitment to both form and function. What truly distinguishes Flos is their fusion of artistic innovation and practical illumination, creating pieces that transform spaces into captivating experiences. With a legacy spanning over six decades, Flos continues to illuminate homes with its unique blend of Italian creativity and design excellence. Explore Flos today and let their radiant creations brighten your world.
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FLOS is a prestigious Italian lighting company founded in 1962 by Dino Gavina and Cesare Cassina. The brand is known worldwide for its high-quality, innovative and aesthetically refined lighting designs. During its more than sixty-year history, FLOS has achieved a prominent position in the world of design lighting. The company has collaborated with renowned designers to create some of the most iconic and timeless lighting pieces ever.

FLOS lighting

FLOS offers a wide range of lighting solutions that are both functional and decorative. Here are some notable categories:

FLOS pendant lamps: FLOS pendant lamps are real eye-catchers in any interior. They skillfully combine design, technology and materials to create unique and breathtaking lighting pieces. Whether it's the timeless Arco pendant lamp, which provides an arc of light above a table, or the spectacular Skygarden, where a beautifully decorated dome diffuses the light in an elegant way, FLOS pendant lamps are always a masterpiece of design and functionality.

FLOS reading lamps: When it comes to reading lamps, FLOS offers several stylish and functional options. The award-winning Tolomeo series is extremely popular and loved by lovers of high-quality lighting. With an adjustable design, these reading lamps provide perfectly focused light for reading or working, making them ideal for the home or office.

FLOS wall lamps: The wall lamps from FLOS add a touch of sophistication to any wall. With a harmonious combination of materials and design, the wall lamps provide a subtle yet impressive light distribution. Whether it's the understated FLOS IC Lights or the versatile Captain Flint, these wall lights transform any space into an oasis of sophistication.

Style: Modern and Vintage

FLOS knows better than anyone how to combine modernity and vintage influences to create unique lighting pieces that are timeless.

Modern: FLOS' modernist approach is reflected in clean lines, innovative shapes and technological advances. The brand has collaborated with some of today's leading designers, including Philippe Starck and Patricia Urquiola, to develop lighting that is both functional and artistic. These modern designs blend seamlessly into contemporary interiors, creating a sense of sophistication and enlightenment.

Vintage: FLOS also cherishes the legacy of the past and draws inspiration from vintage designs. It combines classic elements with modern materials and techniques to produce lighting that exudes timeless charm. Vintage-inspired fixtures add a touch of nostalgia to any interior and are testament to FLOS' masterful design vision.


FLOS uses high-quality materials that not only ensure durability and functionality, but also enhance the aesthetic appeal.

Metal: Metal is a common material in FLOS lighting. It is used for luminaires, housings and structural elements, and it provides rigidity and stability to the designs. The versatile nature of metal allows FLOS to create sleek, modern designs as well as graceful, vintage-inspired pieces.

Glass: Glass plays a crucial role in FLOS lighting. It is used for lampshades and diffusers, distributing the light in an elegant way. The transparent nature of glass creates a feeling of airiness and space, giving the lighting a refined look.

Aluminium: FLOS uses aluminum for its light weight and durability. It is often used for the frame and other non-load-bearing elements of luminaires, giving designers more freedom to create complex and innovative shapes.

FLOS has established itself as a leading player in the world of designer lighting. Over the years, the brand has built up an extensive collection of unique and beautiful luminaires that combine both the aesthetic appreciation and the functional aspects of lighting. With its modern and vintage styles, use of high-quality materials and collaboration with talented designers, FLOS continues to inspire lighting and design enthusiasts around the world. Whether it is a FLOS hanging lamp that illuminates a dining room, a FLOS reading lamp that provides cosiness while reading, or a FLOS wall lamp that adds a touch of elegance to an interior, FLOS continues to find the perfect balance between innovation and style in lighting.