Welcome to Ethnicraft, where heritage transforms into modern elegance. Founded in 1995, this Belgian brand embodies a rich legacy of innovation. Specializing in tables and storage, Ethnicraft brings warmth and style to your space. Their pieces seamlessly merge form and function, defining the essence of contemporary living.

Ethnicraft exudes a clear identity. With quality and warm materials as their starting point, in addition to form and function, they create collections for every room. From furniture that defines the function of a room to the accessories that add depth to it.

At Ethnicraft, they believe that a home should consist of more than just objects. It should be filled with items that have meaning, making each home feel cozy and all yours.

With full control over the (re)design, manufacturing, distribution, repair and recycling processes, Ethnicraft is contributing to a sustainable shift in the industry.

Resistance and durability start with choosing the right quality material, and wood is particularly suited to last. Therefore, you will always find a lot of wood and other natural materials in Ethnicraft's collections.