Brink & Campman

Discover the world of Brink & Campman, where old meets gold. Born in 1980, this Dutch gem has redefined second-hand luxury furniture, specializing in plush sofas and chic dining chairs. With an eye for selecting pieces that blend history and modern flair, Brink & Campman crafts a unique, seamless interior story. Elevate your space with their hand-picked, luxurious finds that embody the charm of yesteryears and the sophistication of today. Join the journey and redefine your living with Brink & Campman’s curated elegance.
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Brink & Campman

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About Brink & Campan

Brink & Campman is a renowned Dutch brand that has been enchanting the world for almost a century with its high-quality carpets and rugs. Founded in 1897, this brand has established itself as a name that stands for quality, craftsmanship and innovative design.

History of Brink & Campman

The Brink & Campman brand started more than a century ago. It was then founded by Mr H.J. Brink and Mr Joh. Campman in Lichtenvoorde, a town in the Achterhoek region of the Netherlands. It started as a modest weaving mill and has grown into a worldwide authority in the field of carpets and rugs. Brink & Campman has always adhered to the values of craftsmanship, quality and innovation.

Product Range

The Brink & Campman range includes a wide range of carpets and rugs that are valued for their craftsmanship, quality and style. Here are some of the main categories and features of their range:

  • Hand-tufted carpets: Brink & Campman is known for its hand-tufted carpets, which are handcrafted by skilled artisans. These Brink & Campman rugs are characterized by their unique texture, vibrant colors and careful finishing.
  • Wool carpets from Brink & Campman: Many Brink & Campman carpets and rugs are made of high-quality wool. Wool is known for its natural beauty, durability and insulating properties, making these rugs an excellent choice for any interior.
  • Design collections: The brand has collaborated with well-known designers and brands, such as Ted Baker, to create exclusive design collections. These collections combine innovative designs with high-quality materials and craftsmanship.
  • Colorful and Patterned: Brink & Campman is known for using vibrant colors and bold patterns in their rugs. These elements add a touch of liveliness and dynamism to any interior.
    • Used Brink & Campman

      For lovers of Brink & Campman carpets with character and history, second-hand can be an excellent option. Whoppah is an online marketplace for second-hand designer furniture and interior accessories, offering an extensive selection of second-hand Brink & Campman carpets, each with a unique story to tell.

      Why buy Brink & Campman carpets from Whoppah?

      • Quality Assurance: Whoppah carefully checks all rugs offered to ensure they are in excellent condition.
      • Unique pieces: You can find rare and vintage Brink & Campman rugs that add a unique charm to your interior.
      • Sustainability: by buying second-hand carpets, you contribute to sustainability by promoting reuse.
      • Variety: Whoppah offers a diverse selection of Brink & Campman, so you can choose the one that best suits your personal style.
        • Famous Items from brink & Campman

          Some of Brink & Campman's most well-known collections include “Estella”, “Kashba” and “Marble”. These collections are all renowned for their unique designs and color palettes, making them desirable choices for lovers of sophisticated interior decoration.