Brand van Egmond

Brand van Egmond is a Dutch design brand known for its unique and striking lighting designs. The brand was founded by William Brand and Annet van Egmond in 1989, and the first design they created was the "Chandelier," inspired by chandeliers from old castles and palaces. Brand van Egmond uses sustainable materials such as steel and aluminum, which can be recycled after use. In addition, as little waste as possible is created during production.
Brand van Egmond

Brand van Egmond

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Brand van Egmond is a name synonymous with innovative and artistic lighting design. Founded by William Brand in 1989, this Dutch brand has taken the world by storm with lighting designs that go beyond functionality and create true works of art.

A history of creativity

Brand van Egmond began in a small village in the Netherlands, where William Brand combined his passion for art and design with his interest in lighting. The result was a unique brand that explored the boundaries between art and functionality. Inspired by nature, art and architecture, William Brand's designs convey a sense of beauty and sophistication.


Brand van Egmond offers a wide, exceptional collection of lighting that stand out for their elegance and creativity. Beautiful Brand van Egmond chandeliers that range from exuberant and bold designs to more subdued and minimalist pieces. Or beautiful Brand van Egmond wall lights that add a touch of luxury to any space, with handcrafted details and timeless design. Then you can also always go for a floor lamp from the brand that create a warm atmosphere. But if you still prefer a table lamp you have those from Brand van Egmond as well.

Famous Items from Brand van Egmond

Some of Brand van Egmond's most famous items include the "Dear Ingo" chandelier, which puts a modern spin on the traditional chandelier, and the "Chandelier" collection, known for its striking and bold designs.

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