Introducing Ahrend: Your passport to luxury since 1930, proudly Dutch. Explore opulent sofas and refined lighting, meticulously curated for your spaces. Unveil the allure of premium European elegance at accessible prices, a legacy only Ahrend offers. Join us and experience the harmonious blend of history and sophistication, tailored for your modern lifestyle. Welcome to the world where affordable luxury finds its true essence.


Buy second-hand Ahrend furniture

Ahrend is a Dutch furniture brand focused on quality, sustainability and innovation in the world of furniture design. For decades, this brand has proven itself as a reliable source for high-quality office furniture and interior solutions. Whether you are looking for new furnishings for your home or office, Ahrend offers a wide range of stylish and functional furniture. Also at Whoppah, we have a wide range of Ahrend furniture.

History of Ahrend

Founded in 1896, Ahrend has a rich history dating back more than a century. It began as a small carpentry workshop in Amsterdam and quickly grew into a leading player in the furniture industry. They have always emphasized sustainability, which is evident in every aspect of their production process, from using high-quality materials to minimizing their carbon footprint.

The Ahrend range

Ahrend offers an extensive range of furniture, decoration and lighting suitable for both business and private purposes. Some of their most popular products include:

  • Ahrend desks: Ahrend has a wide range of ergonomidsche desks, chairs and workplace solutions that contribute to a healthy and productive working environment.
  • Ahrend chairs and lounge chairs: From sofas to armchairs, Ahrend offers a range of seating that suits different interior styles and provides comfort.
  • Ahrend cabinets: sideboards, wall units, bookcases, bedside tables, filing cabinets, with an Ahrend cabinet you make sure your workplace stays organized.
    • Sustainability

      Ahrend strives to incorporate circular economy principles from their production process. This means they focus on minimizing waste, reusing materials and extending the lifespan of their furniture. As a result, Ahrend furniture is not only stylish, but also super eco-friendly!

      Buying Ahrend furniture

      If you're looking for high-quality Ahrend furniture, look no further than Whoppah. At Whoppah, we specialize in offering used designer furniture and interior accessories from renowned brands like Ahrend. Whoppah also carefully inspects all furniture offered to ensure that they are in excellent condition, so quality is guaranteed. With the wide variety of Ahrend furniture, you will always find something for your interior. Whoppah's online platform makes it easy to search and buy Ahrend furniture from the comfort of your own home.